Dark Mechanicus – Argento Rayne X0012

When machine becomes infused with living, breathing flesh…

When that twisted, macabre and biomachanical nightmare has a heartbeat…

When the unnatural, untamed and uninhabited is worshipped as a God…

It is Argento Rayne X0012…


Just wanted to point one little thing out, the beast didn’t actually have any smaller teeth visible in the front so I added some freehand. They turned out ok and give him a kind of menacing grin hehe.

Oh and one more thing of note, it’s a real chain. I like working with real chains, it’s fun.

I find mechanics mixed with flesh so disgustingly eerie and cool. It’s the ultimate futuristic abomination.

I have lots more models built and in desperate need of paint so it felt good to get him done at least.

I fancied something different from Imperial Guard so here we are.

Now for some group shots of my “slow burn” Dark Mechanicus Army.




25 thoughts on “Dark Mechanicus – Argento Rayne X0012”

  1. Awesome, great work on the flesh of the rider and the metalwork. Wouldn’t have known that the teeth weren’t sculpted on either. Nice touch including a ladder to get his fat bum up there too, there’s no way he’s jumping on from a standing start!

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  2. He is fantsatic, the heavy gun he is casually holding in the air is a great touch.

    The rest of the army/ warband looks very impressive too… can just see them skulking through a ruined city.



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  3. Always appreciate your superb metalwork of course, but the beast is great and it just wouldn’t have been the same without those teeth. The head under the ladder made me smile – perfect for that little extra leg up!

    The beast is so good it needs a name, I think… Nigel? You can tell I’m no good at this.

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  4. Nice one matey ,I like the damage done to the beasts fur ,you have painted it just as it should look ,and yes I’m with you on the use of chain ,I have a good supply from the girls old jewellery and use it when I can ,looks much better .

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  5. Just catching up on blogging (and man I am behind). When I first saw this beast the teeth stood out, and then I read that you made them? Wow! So you’re like Herbie the elf in Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer – who wanted to be a dentist! Though I don’t know if that classic made it down under. Still, great work and glad to see you back to painting and breaking any and all rules!

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