Shadowguard part 1

It’s that time of year again in Melbourne where, as a gardener, I have a love/hate relationship with the weather. It’s raining so yayyyy no work but it’s raining so booooo I don’t get paid haha. Ahh well, I can fix a lot of things but the weather isn’t one of them. I often do inside handyman type jobs too but none today.

Anyway, so after a few YouTube’s and the dishes I thought I’d do a bit of painting.

A long while back, 2017 actually, I started an Outgard project. Unfortunately it lost momentum for me but, after a recent rummage through my bags and bags and bags of built minis I decided to have another crack at them.

Here’s what I did back then.

Ive renamed the project Shadowguard (nothing to do with world of warcraft) as I sometimes feel a new name breathes new life into a project for me. New name yes BUT I am sticking with the blue colour scheme for the good guys.

The whole idea for this project is a mix of future (40k) meets fantasy/old school Warhammer. So you’ll see grenades thrown by armoured knights etc.

I wont kid myself, or you good people, that I’ll get this project finished any time soon but at least it’s not dead yet hehe.

The paint work on this chap was, subconsciously, inspired by Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones. Well the hair at least I guess hehe. As I took photos I also feel he has a He-Man type vibe about him too. Could be the terrain mixed with the hair haha.

Out of all the Outgard/Shadowguard models I’ve built to date this fellow is definitely one of my favourites. I really like his pose and the model looks as though it’s come out of one kit when in actual fact it’s come out of three kits.

Sir Tathius The Bold


This next photo shows Tathius with the first Outgard/Shadowguard Miniature I painted.


Love to hear your thoughts on this project.

Remember, animal from the muppets? Well that’s my style of playing drums.




20 thoughts on “Shadowguard part 1”

  1. Excellent combination of fantasy and sci-fi. There is a certain something with a feudal backwaters setting in space that appeals to me. You need some servitors pulling carts and a fat tech-priest with a fancy hat to oversee it all.

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