Fly on the wall podcast and the new post apocalyptic saga

Hello fellow humanoids.

For those of you interested in or who have already been listening to my/our new podcast we have started a new post apocalyptic saga.

The idea was suggested to us by blog buddy Bjorn Stormborn. Here’s his wonderful corner of the web –

Mr Stormborn informed me, via this here blog, that he has been listening to and enjoying our weekly podcast episodes.

He had a few suggestions on topics which we will, dutifully and happily, discuss on upcoming episodes. In fact, in the most recent epsiode 7, we discussed James Herbert (Author) and books that changed our worlds thanks to Bjorn.

Also, in epsiode 7 and also thanks to the suggestion from Bjorn, we discussed a post apocalyptic world and what we’d do in it. What we’d decided to do before recording though was make it an ongoing saga.

In epsiode 7 we drew out of a hat, actually it was my jacket pocket (Warren coined the term aPOCKETlyptic) a random “reason” why, or how, the apocalypse has started. In this case it’s a PLAGUE.


You’ll have to have a listen to hear more about it. Here’s the link to the most recent episode on Apple podcasts but we can also be found on Spotify, Podbean and Anchor as wel as others.

The next part of the saga, in epsiode 8, will have us discussing how we’d go about surviving.


Thoughts on the podcast thus far:

Its very enjoyable, as I knew it would be, because it’s just me and my best mate (Lord Warren) chewing the fat and talking bollocks really. Something we’ve done since 1994.

We have just recorded epsiode 7 and I feel we’ve really found our groove now. Our discussions are a little more focussed but still with a good smattering of laughs and jokes which can be crude, rude and just bloody juvenile but good fun all the same.

The response we’ve had has been, surprisingly, positive. I say surprisingly because, well, it’s very amateurish and, possibly, a tad offensive but we certainly don’t mean any harm so I guess our true nature prevails above all the banter.

Whats next:

More of the same I’d say haha.

We both got a real buzz out of the fact that a listener, in this case Bjorn, suggested some topics for us. So I’d encourage all of you or any of you to do the same. We will happily discuss anything no matter what it is but be prepared for some ridiculous views and/or interpretations haha. Put your suggestions forward here on the blog or email us at

Also hoping for a new logo soon instead of our ugly mugs from a photo taken at our 30th ten years ago haha. For me it just worked because it had us both in it plus we are wearing weird antenna type things. I don’t know? Haha


Thanks to all of you that have been listening or have listened to one or two or whatever. We very much appreciate it.


IRO & WAZ (Be sure to look up Warrens own podcast called Master Of None. It’s almost the same format apart from the fact that I’m not there so Warren steals the limelight the whole time).

22 thoughts on “Fly on the wall podcast and the new post apocalyptic saga”

  1. Fantastic episode! The James Herbert section was a joy to listen, hearing yours and Warrens views and what books you’ve read of James Herbert. I’m stuck on what book to read next since I get my James Herbert books from the charity shops (since Waterstones only stock The Rats). There’s Creed, 48 and The Secret of Crickley Hall.

    Just recently I’ve finished reading The Fog, a great story to read. I did feel that the story was stretched a bit too long towards the finale, but overall it’s a great horror story with a lot of mystery to theories.

    Any theories on the fog?

    I’m sticking around for the Post Apocalyptic story you and Warren are creating, can’t wait to see where it goes! The post apocalyptic story will be a great feature for the podcast, like a weekly radio series adventure. Curious question, would Keith, Glenn and the Moka (I think that’s how it’s spelt) survive the post Apocalypse?

    Bjorn Stormbottom? It sounds like a Terry Pratchett or Monty Python joke lol. I think I’ll change my blog name now to ‘Stormbottom’.

    Thank you for taking in my suggestions and the shout out! I can’t wait to see what your listeners suggestions will be (hopefully really awesome and weird factual and funny questions). 🙂

    Keep up the fantastic work!

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    1. Thanks Bjorn!!! We hoped you’d like what we did. It’s been a while since I read the Fog but I do remember thinking at the time that it was some experimental chemical weapon that had accidentally seeped or spilled out from a secret lab or silo. 48 is amazing. Survivor is great too. In my opinion they’re all good. We might raise the issue of Keith and Glenn and “Mocha” surging the app coin the next epsiode actually hehe. Thanks again for the suggestions and for listening.

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  2. Great stuff- the focused topics is the way to go I think.

    BTW- if you like James Herbert look up Ramsey Campbell. He is probably my favourite British horror author, criminally overlooked all the time….



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    1. Absolutely agree. It’s still unscripted and unedited but I think having something to actually chat about is key. I’ll look him up mate thanks. Any suggestions for us to chat about for future podcasts?

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  3. So glad you’re enjoying yourselves so much with the podcast! And 7 episodes already! That’s great. 🙂 I feel bad that I haven’t gotten to give it a proper go yet. It’s like every time I’ve been like, “Okay, time to listen” something has gotten right in the way. Even when I was on vacation recently! That’s awesome though that you guys are already getting suggestions from people. Feedback like that is always a plus. 🙂

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    1. That’s ok mate. Whenever you get the chance I’d love to know what you think? I listen to a lot of podcasts while I work but I work on my own so easier I guess. If you’ve got any suggestions on what you’d like us to talk about I’m all ears 🤘🏼

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