Shadowguard Part 3

I’m enjoying being back at the painting desk. As I’ve, slowly (painfully slow), become, marginally, better at painting I’ve grown to like it more and more.

Im really proud of the two painted models on offer in today’s post.

In my humble opinion I think they are quite nice builds/conversions and the painting is what I pictured in my head.

Often what I picture, as far as painting goes, doesn’t turn out the way I want in reality. I put it down to my lack of painting skills. These two however are pretty close to what I imagined.

Before we meet the minis I’d like to set the scene for Shadowguard a bit.

Shadowguard is a long forgotten place.

A relatively primitive form of tech did come to the planet over three thousand years ago via a deep space exploration/salvage ship and its crew.

Master Goron, commander of the ship, decided to stay on the planet when his crew were preparing to set off.

Goron taught the peasant like inhabitants of Shadowguard all he knew about technology. A good portion of the inhabitants worshiped Goron like a God from the stars and clung to his every word and every teaching. Others, like the old Mage known as Kreblyn Wey, despised Master Goron.

Kreblyn, along with his own collection of loyal disciples, headed to the rugged hills of Shadowguard to start their own way of life. Ironically, Kreblyn did like the new tech that Goron taught and showed them all but decided, from the start, that corrupting the tech for his own gains and means would be his path.

So there are two main factions on Shadowguard.

The decendants of Goron and his followers known, now, as The Solar Mithras. (Blue wearing army).

The Decendants Of Kreblyn Wey and his followers known, now, as The Red Weed.

There is also another faction called The Tainted that we will be seen in another post down the track.

I got the name The Red Weed from War Of The Worlds. As a kid, listening to the Vinyl narrated by Richard Burton, I would flick through the amazing artwork from the LP and my imagination would run wild. When coming up with a name for the RED dressed army my mind went straight to The Red Weed. Works well.


Ok now onto the minis.

First is a direct descendant from Kreblyn Wey. A wiry old man kept alive by his hatred for the Solar Mithras and the ancient life support tech screwed to his very body. He is the supreme leader of The Red Weed.

Vekean Wey.


Next we have we have an aged warrior veteran and cavalryman of The Red Weed.

Krullid The Storm Bringer.


Yesterday I spent four hours on these guys and I’m really happy with them and look forward to painting more.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, Richard Burton married Elizabeth Taylor TWICE and was one of thirteen children born to a poor Coal Miner.






29 thoughts on “Shadowguard Part 3”

  1. Nice figures, nice paint job and nice photo’s too. Nothing here not to like. Four hours well spent in my opinion. 😊 The young Elizabeth Taylor was stunning. Check her out in the film Giant with James Dean and Rodk Hudson, one of my favourites?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Cool! Just a suggestion for you – it might be worth getting some greenstuff & filling any cracks or gaps on the next ones, and even going back to patch this one… That gap down the front of the Gryphon’s chest armour does detract a bit 😉

        Liked by 3 people

  2. Nice mate ,it must be something in the air as I have decided to improve my painting skills also ,nothing to do with seeing Marvin’s great work on his figures. War of the Worlds now that takes me back to the seventies lying in the dark listening to the vinyl with a strange smoky aroma in the air !! .

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  3. Lovely work IRO!

    I always like to see cavalry – and your Krullid is perfect, beak and all! 🙂 Funny that Pat mentioned me above as these fabulous characters reminded me of the Strelets Crimean War figures I painted earlier this year, something about their facial style, maybe.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Really nice work as always, I too love the mount, you have to be high up the pecking order to get a horse like that!! (sorry).

    The face on the first chap immediately reminded me of “Parker” the butler from the Thunderbirds puppet series. 🙂

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 4 people

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