Shadowguard Part 4, Bali, Podcasts and a pilgrimage to a cathedral.

You know when I hit part 4 that I must be enjoying the project… for the time being at least anyway hehe.

As you may have already realised I’m going for Blue for one army which I call The Solar Mithras and Red for the other main army which I’ve called The Red Weed.

There will also be a green army and a black army but more on those another time.

Today I offer up a few models for blue and for red.

Lets start with Blue

I call him Father Doug after a real Father Doug who was, from my childhood memory, a little mad and eccentric. He conducted the ceremony between my eldest sister (who is not religious but wanted to get married on a church) and her, now EX (it’s a good thing), husband.

I can still see him in my minds eye flapping his arms around and droning on about God. I was the page boy and carried a cushion with two rings on it and I was wearing a black suit with a hot pink cummerbund (it was the 80s haha). I just realised how funny the word cummerbund is haha.

Anyway here’s father Doug who also reminds me of Friar Tuck from Robin Hood or, as I like to say, Try-A-Fu%# haha


Then it’s onto a model I actually built and painted at the end of 2015 but he was very shiny and there were no highlights. I touched him up a bit today. Still caught a bit of shine in the photos though.


Next we have another cavalryman for The Red Weed. I see him as a the leader of the small cavalry unit but I don’t have a name for him. I like his mask that hides his deformed face. You can see his mottled skin on his hands and back of his head.


Last we have these two stoic Red Weed Guards.


Thanks to Alex’s (leadballony fame) keen eye for perfection he’d pointed out in my last post that there was a gap in the Gryphs armour. I repaired the gap in the armour for the first cavalryman. Alex suggested green stuff but I actually didn’t have any at hand. So, using a pin, I sort of spooned in globules of superglue to fill the hairline gap. Yeah, I’ve ordered some more of the green gold now haha. Forgot to snap a pic of him though but trust me it looks better. 👌🏼


I reckon this will be the last blog post for a while. I’m off to Bali with the lads on the 20th of June for seven glorious nights.

There are four of us who have been best mates since high school. One bloke I’ve know since I was 12. We are all now 40 so thats a good excuse as any to piss off for a while and go a little crazy.


A VERY important thing I’d like to mention is that for our 9th Podcast episode for Fly On The Wall Podcast, scheduled for recording this Monday (Australian Time), it’ll be featuring our very own David “The diorama Dalai Lama” Imperfect Modeller! Also a little something Cupcakesandmachetes has given us to share.

Here are Dave’s and Cupcakes blogs but I’m sure you know who they are.

Heres our new Logo for said Podcast too. Designed and drawn by Big waz


Please, if you can, do us a favour and spread the word and help promote our humble podcast. We are trying to make something of it. Tell your friends and family and that guy that’s been stealing your underpants for the last few years.

Heres the links for various platforms for  the 8 episodes we have so far so be sure to check back to catch TIM and Cupcakes thing on episode 9. 👍🏼


This morning my daughter Sianne and I climbed a mountain called The Cathedral Ranges. They’re my mountains. I climb them at least once a year and have done since I was 18. Before that I’d gone there intermittently with mates and once with Dad to camp.

I’m not religious at all so this is the closest thing to feeling spiritual for me. When I’m up there I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and pure happiness.

Not to be too macabre but that’s where I want my ashes sprinkled when I toddle off. At the very top.

Its where I asked my wife to marry me and now it’s a place I take each daughter when they’re 11. Why 11? Three reasons.

1. I’m pretty sure I was 11 when I first went there.

2. 11 is my favourite number

3. It’s the year before they start high school.

Two daughters have made the pilgrimage so far (one more to go) and when up there I have a nice father to daughter chat about life.

Its quite a vigorous hike with a rough path cut into it. It takes about an hour to get to the North Jawbone, which is my favourite part.

I, personally, have explored most of the range and know it quite well.

Sianne and I set off early this morning while it was still dark. Sianne did so well. We stopped a few times to catch our breath and have some water but generally we just forged ahead. We also had our dog Eddie with us.

At the top we enjoyed choc chip cookies, corn chips, some mandarins and some cheese.

It was overcast and spitting a little but a really great day.

Here are some snaps from our adventure.



Cheers guys, see you when I’m back 👍🏼







24 thoughts on “Shadowguard Part 4, Bali, Podcasts and a pilgrimage to a cathedral.”

  1. Great stuff all round mate – especially the mountain! I do love a good mountain… I’d be stoked if we could hike it if I ever visit your corner of the world dude – that would be awesome. Enjoy Bali!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The tech adviser told me she and some mates did it and found it really good .I remember doing Mt Riddell just out of Healesville 816 m ,3hr hike the day after my 60th birthday party I must have been mad it nearly killed me!
    Have a safe time in Bali mate ! .

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great post mate. Love the figures as always and really enjoyed being taken on your mountain journey with your daughter. She looks like you but without the beard. Worryingly the dog looks like you too! Have a geat trip with your mates, some how I think you will! 😉 Appreciate the shout out but it might be short lived after podcast number 9!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Regarding the comparison to your daughter I worry that you might be delusional but as long as you are happy and content in your own mind then I guess that is fine. 😉 I’m not sure about being a star but just as long as attractive women don’t go throwing themselves at me then maybe we can do some more!

        Liked by 2 people

  4. I can see you’re really hitting your stride with this project. Looking forward to the other colours being developed too.

    Those mountains are terrific. Doesn’t quite match the drama of your beautiful landscape but there’s a range of hills near to me which I’ve always appreciated being a part of too, so I can relate to something of that relationship.

    Enjoy the holiday!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. A number of things to cover here:
    That sounds like the most epic father/daughter adventure ever and the pictures make me want to go there.
    Eddie needs to be featured more often. He’s fucking adorable.
    The new logo for the podcast is awesome.
    Do you keep a notebook and record when you build/paint something? Because how the fuck do you remember exact years?
    And lastly, have a blast in Bali!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Haha I had a feeling you’d like Eddie. His full name is Edward Brian Bruce. The mountains are my magic place. I don’t always remember exact years so I track back over past blog posts. I’m pumped for Bali

      Liked by 3 people

  6. Aye, like Alex if I ever make my way to your corner of the globe I’d love to join you for a hike up your mountain, that looks like an incredible place. There’s really nothing to beat getting out into the wild and I salute your idea of taking your kids for a pilgrimage up that mountain. Great to see Eddie too, he looks like a fine beast to have along on an adventure. Hope you have a blast in Bali (great work on those miniatures too of course!)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks man. It really is a special place mate and I’d be honoured to take you up there. I’ve done the climb in all seasons and I’d say winter and spring are the best times. Eddie is a great little mascot hehe

      Liked by 3 people

  7. What an awesome post! You covered so many cool things in it. 😀
    I loved the photos you shared of you, your daughter and Eddie. Looks like a gorgeous area to visit, I can see why you love it so much, especially with all of the sentimental reasons you explained. Sounds like an absolutely amazing place!
    Your miniatures look fantastic. I especially love the cavalryman for The Red Weed. 🙂
    Have a great vacation! Hopefully you’ll post lots of cool photos like you did for your last trip that way I can live vicariously through you for all my travel wishes. Haha 😛

    Liked by 2 people

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