The Swarm part 2.

Hiya gang.

On Sunday, I managed a little hobby time between normal life stuff. EG fixing taps, picking up kids, buying work supplies, hanging with the kids etc.

I decided to explore the more human-ish side to my army. The conversion possibilities are actually making me feel excitedly overwhelmed hehe. I’m so used to swapping human or Ork bodies around and not so much monsters and big creepy aliens.

The bits list for the conversions for this army is, or could be, just about endless…

HOWEVER, the fact that I want to try and complete this army by the end of 2019 means I can’t just keep building and building and building. Although I’d love to haha.

SO, what does all this mean?

It means I need to break down the army into “types”.

I’ve come up with this:

1. The Evolved. Full blown Tyranids of all breeds and sizes.

2. The Enlightened. Psykers warrior priests. The link between the evolved and the rest of the types.

3. The Hatebreed. Mostly Tyranid with elements of human.

4. The spawn. Mostly human with elements of Nid.

In each type there will be a command unit or single miniature.

I built one for the Hatebreed, one for the spawn and one for the Enlightened.







Not a bad start and it’s given me a little more direction.

Thoughts on colour…

I watched Outland on Sunday night too. One of my favourite science fiction (it’s more like a western) movies of all time.

Inspired by this movie the clothing worn by The Hatebreed and The Spawn will be dark grimy yellow. I’ve been wanting to do something yellow for a while now. Actually, since seeing Wudugasts yellow robed skaven.

Still thinking about colour for the Nids.



27 thoughts on “The Swarm part 2.”

  1. You know I’m going to be ripping these ideas off for my own cult right? 😉 All very cool ideas, I hadn’t considered using the Delaque bodies to make something akin to a magos and I really like the crazy little Cawdor guy with the clawed foot.

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    1. Ahh you noticed the foot hehe. Extra little bit just for fun. Steal away my friend, what’s mine is yours. I think I needed four clear different “types” just so I could explore more conversion ideas. I’m unsure how big this army will be yet but not too big that I can’t finish it before the year is out. I’m also taking part in Azazels Jewel of July challenge so I hope to get at least one big monster finished.

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  2. Promising start mate – some great looking conversions there! If you’re going yellow for robes, then purple would be an excellent choice as a counter-colour for the nids… or you could form a triad with red and blue, (purple is a bit obvious for nids/stealers).
    I would definitely avoid green and/or orange as your nid colour 😉

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  3. Well done mate ,it’s good to see these bare as I always see all the figures after you have all waved your magic brushes over them ,good idea.I’ts good to see you are settling back into the good old Melbourne weather.

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  4. It’s seeing things before they are finished that is interesting me at the moment and hearing as well as seeing others tricks that has been of great help,e.g. Marvin’s work on similar stuff I do, that has prompted me to put a bit more of how I do it so it might be of assistance to other folk that might want to get into 1/72 dio’s .That’s bullshit dad ,lets face it, I said you had better learn how to post your own stuff and not rely on me every time you forget some simple instruction because I’m really moving on with the Tiny house and I’m out of here when it’s done ! so the only way is to post more often ,not once a year !.

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