Swarm part 3.

Some more conversions for the Swarm army.

Actually, while I think of it, any ideas or suggestions on an army name would be appreciated.

I usually like to link all the names I give to my armies and minis to actual people or groups from historical or fantasy things. Or just come up with the coolest names I can think of haha.

This time I’d like to throw it out to you guys though and see what we can come up with. Go team hehe 👍🏼👍🏼

As mentioned in part 2 of the Swarm project there are four types for my Nids army.

1. Evolved

2. Hatebreed

3. Spawn

4. Enlightened

First up, one for the Evolved. (Full Tyranid)

I was so impressed with the Broodlord, seen in Swarm Part 1, that I thought I’d build my own smaller version of him. Nothing too special here but the posing is cool. Maybe he’s Broodlord Junior hehe.


Here he is next to Daddy Broodlord.


I made a grand total of 3 for the Hatebreed. (Mostly Tyranid with a touch of Human).

The first one is my favourite and I did a “head conversion” by combining these two heads.


I like his stance too.


Then we have this horrid monster who is only very slightly human. Actually it’s basically because he has human pants, well remnants of them that he makes it into the Hatebreed Caste.


Again, I like the stance I achieved on this one.

Last for the Hatebreed today we have this mutant. I’m not 100% sure about him but I am pleased with the head as I fused a human head with a Tyranid head.


Now one more for the Swarm (mostly human with a touch of NID).


As you you can see he could just pass as a human albeit for the extra large muscular left arm. Also, when it comes to painting, I’ll be making him look more Alien-ish.

Thats it on the hobby front for today but I do plan to get stuck into a larger model for the Swarm this weekend. I’ll also be submitting this larger model (painted) into Azazels Jewel of July Challenge.



Our humble little Fly On The Wall Podcast has been getting some traction which is kind of cool.

Nearly 400 listens from all over the world. Even 1% in Belarus (what the???).

Episode 11 features a book review written by none other than Miss Michigan, book lover, chef extraordinaire and all round cool chick CUPCAKESANDMACHETES!!!!!!!!


Please note that WE (Big Waz and I) do the reading of the review and read the comments on said review in our silly and idiotic way. Boy did we have fun with it.

Heres the link to the episode –


We’ve had so much fun with audience (The Imperefect Modeller, Bjorn Stormborn and cupcakesandmachetes) participation that I’d like to throw a large ut there to all of the lovely people that follow this blog.

Let us know what you’d like us to talk about, give us links to things, things you want us to bring peoples attention to or whatever else you think would be fun, interesting or cool for us to delve into.

If you’ve heard our podcast you’ll know that we will deliver things a little differently haha.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, drive safe on the roads unless you’re a cool gangster getaway driver.










21 thoughts on “Swarm part 3.”

  1. I was literally discussing with my husband last night that I think I’d make a great getaway driver. He wasn’t so sure.
    Thanks for having me on the podcast! It was great fun to listen to. I laughed out loud on my ride home a lot. Waz’s Michigan accent is SPOT ON. 😛
    (I’ll do a post and share the podcast sometime this weekend.)

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Cool! These guys are looking great. Quite the monstrous bunch. 😀
    And Yay, Cupcakes being featured in the podcast. Can’t wait to hear it. I started listening to the podcast when I can at the gym, but I usually am all over the place so I just do it on treadmill-only days when I’m stationary and don’t have to worry about losing/forgetting my phone. 😛
    Great stuff! Definitely looking forward to hearing more (and contributing!) 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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