Swarm part 6

Fabric is something I’ve never used but have been wanting to experiment with for quite a while.

I decided to give my new Hatebreed (Mostly Nid with a touch of human) standard bearer/shaman type guy a cloak. I wanted the hood to be partially pulled away from his face.

I’m quite pleased with my first attempt with fabric.


It was a little tricky to get the positioning right but a bit of poking with the scalpel helped.

I stiffened the fabric with watered down PVA.


Next I built a leader for the Hatebreed. I call him Lozinak Roth


He had to look leader-ish but I also wanted him to look tough and gnarled.

Note the two right hands. One holding a walking stick and one holding a blaster.


He’s one of my favourite builds for this army so far.


Good bloody fun.

As far as momentum for this project it’s still, very much, in the high zone. Feeling quite motivated and pumped although this last week has been quite busy so didn’t do anything until today.

The next five to six weeks will be quite busy too by the looks of things but I will do what I can. Chip away on it here and there.

Today I also went to House Of War, a games and model shop not too far away from where I live. Wow what a shop. Even though it’s been there for five years it was my first visit. I frequent the GW shop down the road but today, with my youngest daughter, I decided to give it a go. It’s so cool and full to the brim with miniature goodness. My youngest (nearly six years old) daughter wants to get into model painting so we bought three models from the “Bones” range. We’ve base coated one of them so I might have the results for you in the next few days. She liked the shop too but then needed to wee so we had to leave haha.

I got chatting to the proprietor, who was a lovely bloke, and he told me all about Song Of Ice and Fire (game of thrones miniature game) and showed me some miniatures. They’re amazing so guess what’s on the horizon for me? Haha. NOT YET THOUGH DAMMIT!!!!!!!!

Im sticking with Nids.

The Fly On The Wall Podcast, which I co-host is plodding along quite well and we’ve had over 500 listens.

If you’re interested here’s the link to our most recent episode which was a SPOOKY episode in which we chatted about spooky and creepy things as well as visited a cemetery and told some personal ghost stories.


In this weeks episode, episode 14, we will be chatting about my humble little blog and the hobby. It will also feature none other than Mark Morin from


So have a listen guys and feel free to offer advise or suggest topics etc.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and get those creative juices flowing.










26 thoughts on “Swarm part 6”

  1. Nicely done IRO, the cloak looks very good and good to read that the project is still giving you a buzz. It is all coming along very well it seems to me. Will check out the latest podcast in due course. Got a feeling I am a couple behind so plenty to listen too!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Haha no worries at all mate. We crept around a cemetery Whitchurch was fairly spontaneous but worked well for the spooky episode. I’m determined to stick to this project and, like in my last post, have a break and paint something random. I’m thinking of having a crack at Lord Flash soonish.

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  2. The use Of the material looks interesting mate ,I did think of using it when I made the medieval village yearend it too thick for my scale .After some thought I settled on using tissues like you have with diluted PVA and food dies and they turned out really well so I look forward to seeing how you little trick turns out .
    I’m going to have to take more long service leave to listen to all you podcasts !!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So just normal tissue paper like you blow your nose into? That sounds alright. Might have to give that a go too. Some people listen to the podcast while driving from here to there. As long as you can Bluetooth it to your car stereo or listen on headphones via the phone. We’ve had some really good positive feedback. One chap said it’s definitely getting better with time haha. I’d argue it’s getting worse

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  3. Nice! Good work with the fabric (a more challenging material to work with than you’d think – my first attempt was a load of tents and they looked… less than inspiring…). Love that Blightking based cultist as well (seriously, is there anything the Blightkings can’t do?) – one I’ll definitely be filing away in my brain for later.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The blightking kit is still one of my faves. The bulbous anatomy sort of worked for mutating Nids quite well. The fabric definitely was challenging. Pat says he’s used tissue paper to create a fabric look. Might have to give that a go at some point.

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  4. Lozinak – I give him two, or rather three thumbs up! 😜

    Seriously, you created a real bruiser with him, not someone to mess with, even with a cane (that he likely would use to continue the beatings until troop morale improves!). The two right hands thing is so cool.

    Looking forward to more swarm!

    And I’m stoked (or chuffed as TIM or Pete might say) to check out the podcast this week. AND to be on it in a small way. I’m hoping it’s well received. Btw, I just remembered that I wear an Aussie style bush hat in the sun – maybe that’s why I have such regards for you Aussies. https://www.readygolf.com/brands/aussie-chiller-hat

    Or it’s my cockatiel 🤪…

    The podcast has become a must listen for me, and helps make a long exercise walks short. I’m just hoping the temperature drops below 100 (seriously it’s gotten unsafe to be out, though I still golfed in it, and the excessive heat nuked me – glad I had my bush hat.

    Keep on rocking!

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  5. Great work. I like how the heavy cloak came out. Good call on using real fabric. 🙂
    Omg I got SO excited when you mentioned the Song Of Ice and Fire miniatures being on the horizon! 😀 I love that book series (and the show) so much.
    And congrats on all those listens! That’s awesome!. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Miss Moth. I’ve never read the books but people I know who have say they’re better than the show. This is usually the case I find. The book “first blood” was better than the movie, although the movie was pretty good. Same goes for Jurassic Park. I’m looking forward to painting the minis. There won’t be any conversions but they’re cool sculpts in their own right.

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