Swarm part 7

Just a quick one for you lovely people tonight.

This is Sindrieth…

Once a lowly joy-girl in the darkest and most sleaziest underhives. Back then she was just known as “Sin” and she had been positioned there to infect unsuspecting guardsman. She had been popular among the human scum and had successfully infected hundreds of people in the hope that one day the hive fleet would return and the infected and pure strains would rise up and regain control of all worlds.

Alas, the fleet did not come… not yet.

The humans started to track down anyone or anything remotely xenos. From the elderly to the infants. No one was safe.

Sindrieth had only escaped because the master of the joy house had taken a liking to her. Once she was safe she was quick to take a blade to his throat.

Now, many moons later, Sindrieth is one of the Enlightened. She sees all and she is a deadly assassin. Don’t be fooled by her self imposed bionic arm. She is quick with a blade and even quicker with her charm.








26 thoughts on “Swarm part 7”

  1. Following the first picture with the second showing the dagger secretly held behind was really clever. I think the bionic arm could be holding a severed head, I mean like Judith the Decapitator in the bible.

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