Swarm part 8 and my five year olds first painted model.

Inspired by Wudugasts recent Locus, see here – https://convertordie.wordpress.com/2019/07/19/the-cult-of-the-abyssal-gaze-part-8/

I thought I’d dig out the same model from my, forever growing, pile of plastic.

I like the model as it is but, as is my custom, I had to see what else I could do with it.

So instead of making one from the kit I built two from the kit and added another base model from the Blackstone fortress sprues.

What I ended up with are two more for the Enlightened (pysker warrior priest unit of the army).

First is my favourite of the two who I call Crazahl.


Basically he was a simple head and hand swap. I really like the hand as it looks like he half grasping his cloak but also doing some sort of oogedy boogedy haha. I also love his head because it ties in well with the mutating aesthetic I’m going for.

Then we have his pal Kranitor


A tricky conversion to get right actually but I’m happy with the end result. Again it was really just a head swap but I also made his cape from greenstuff and swapped over the adornment on his sceptre.

So the Nid/Genestealer continues but I’m feeling like a small break again so this weekend I hope to paint some new “veteran” recruits for my Praetorian Guard Army. However we are also doing a surprise Christmas in July for the kids on the Saturday so we’ll have to see.

Speaking of kids…

As mentioned in Part 6, my youngest and I went to the house of war gaming and hobby shop in Ringwood the other day. She bought some cool miniatures and I taught her how to paint.

For a five year old she had good brush control, better than her dad, and was quite patient.


We spent about about an hour on it on the Sunday and then this evening we finished it off.

Heres the finished monster which she has decided to call…



She really enjoyed the Ponting and kept saying, as she painted, “daddy I like this… I like painting models… I want to paint more models” haha. I’ve created a new hobby addict yayyyy!!!













42 thoughts on “Swarm part 8 and my five year olds first painted model.”

  1. That’s brilliant work, and your conversions are nice too 😀 Congrats to the kid for a wonderful piece, and to the obviously proud dad too! I love your conversion work as usual, the first one has a really cool “genestealer cult meets Dracula” vibe.

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  2. Cheers for the shout out mate, and very cool that I inspired you to make these, when it was your work that inspired me to begin with. Consider our backs mutually patted!

    Great work on both of these two, both conversions really change the character of the base models and the end results are spot on. Indeed that could be seen as a metaphor for the whole collection, they’re clearly genestealer cultists but there’s definitely something a bit different about them too. Going to be great seeing the whole thing painted!

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  3. Nice being able to see the difference in your version of the figure and the one done by Wudugast. Just goes to show how much a figure can change even with only a few but key alterations. The before and after really helps me to appreciate more what you get up to.

    Love the fact that your daughter has got in on the act, knows what she is doing by the look of it too!

    Surprise Christmas in July has got me. I guess there is a reason for that? At least you will know what to buy the little one.

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    1. Cheers mate. It’s funny because I often wonder what you’re thinking when it comes to my conversions because you don’t see what they’re “supposed” to look like. Therefore the fact that you comment and show any interest makes me feel even more appreciative. The little lady had a ball. The other kids have feigned interest but she genuinely enjoyed herself hehe. The Christmas in July is for no reason other than surprising the kids. We are a bit different from a lot of families I guess haha. We just think it’d be cool to wake them up and have the whole house decorated and a Christmas tree with presents haha. It’ll blow their minds. Then it’s pork roast, Yorkshire pudding and port mmm

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  4. That’s a very cool idea you’ve used with that Magus head. I might have to rip that one off when I get to painting those models. ..if I remember. :/
    Love the shoggoth(?) that your daughter painted as well. Google has certainly fallen a lot from their “don’t be evil” days, and her naming of this piece really highlights that!
    Also, it’s awesome that you now have a painting apprentice. Now just train her up to doing all of those boring bits like undercoating and basecoating so that Daddy can finish them off and make them look fabbo in a partnership that can last for years to come!

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  5. Sooo cool IRO, my daughter plays in my games (she’s an artist but not really into painting minis). I can tell you that when she was in 4th or 5th grade (1995 or 6) she had to do a project on the Trojan Horse. I had not painted minis in about 7 or 8 years at that point. We hit the hobby store, bought paints, Greek figures, a fort for Troy,and scratch built a Trojan Horse for a diorama for her class. She got an A, BUT, the best thing is that we made a lasting memory that even today she thinks about as a highlight of her childhood. Your daughter will as well – well done sir, keep it going. Of course, if she learns to kit bash, you both will have more parts to play with!

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  6. That conversion on Kranitor would have tested you out mate ,well done ,
    Great to see your youngest getting enjoyment out of painting, both my girls got into painting early and now always seem to be painting something ,but alas won’t help out the old man with his stuff!! ,I hope she enters this great piece into Azazels show.

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  7. The hobby is in safe hands with the next generation putting the current one to shame. That is a really impressive paint job on Googely, the colours are great and the effect is eerie like a HP Lovecraft cthulhu spawn!

    And that oogedy boogedy hand you mentioned creeped me out too! 😮

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  8. Aw, your daughter is so cute and so talented! She’s going to be a beast at painting if she’s already this focused and into it at 5! 🙂
    Your work ain’t half bad, either. 😉 Haha, seriously though, they look great. The first guy reminds me of some sort of mixture between The Hills Have Eyes and Nosferatu! 😛 Love the pose. It is indeed very “oogedy boogedy”. The second guy is great too. I like the creepy levitation and how he’s weighed down. Cool post! 😀

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