Warcry Part 1

Boy where to start?

It’s been hectic to say the least, life that is.

As most of you know I moved house recently and part of the reason for that was to be closer to the kids schools.

I have three girls and all three go to different schools, yeah long story there. Even though we are closer in proximity the move seemed to coincide with all three girls having some kind of school play or production. So a lot of running around for all that. As most of you also probably know, I run a small humble garden/landscape/maintenance business and rely on a work truck for this. Unfortunately said truck up and died on me about five weeks ago, leaving me in the lurch a bit. I had to use the wife’s sedan which was ok but not ideal. I generally don’t use a trailer as my work is usually consists of lots of small jobs. I considered a trailer, I then considered a new truck. I researched, investigated. Test drove and got advice on all manner of vehicles but it was my mate Warren (Big Waz) who sent me a link for the truck I would buy.






Am I happy with it? Yes. Do I miss my old truck? Yes I do, it was old but full of character, a bit like TIM 😉

We’ve also been settling into the house, meeting the neighbours, gardening etc. It really is a lovely home and we are exceedingly happy here.

Amongst other things I’ve been busy with the Fly On The Wall Podcast. You lot might like episode 28 as it was a post apocalyptic special. In our next episode (29) we will be speaking with, none other than our very own, Mark Morin 👍🏼 In episode 30 we will be exploring an abandoned brickworks factory. Haha it’s all happening.

Righto, I am back to the hobby though and boy it looks like I’ve missed a lot. I do endeavour to continue to try and catch up on all your lovely posts.

Today I was fortunate enough to have four hours of hobby time all to myself, a very rare thing indeed.

I was actually surprised how good it felt to be back at the hobby desk and revelled in my creative juices. I decided to crack open some Warcry boxes (from GW) and have a little tinker. As soon as I saw this release on Instagram I knew I had to have everything under its banner and luckily enough I got it all. The starter box with all that magnificent terrain and then all the extra maniacal gangs.

Today I started with the Corvus Cabal. Creepy Bird-Like Dudes haha.

Even though these models are exceptionally good, the kind of models I would have liked to have designed if I worked for GW, I still had to tinker a bit and kitbash etc. Hey, it’s what I do.

Lets meet the leader: Raven Back.


Whaaaaaaaat???? I hear you all chime as one. That’s not a Corvus Cabal miniature. Ten points to you. No it’s not but I had this  Cawdor mini you see but I didn’t like the head so I cut it off and used a head from the untamed beasts warband sprue. I added some feathers and vualá…  A Corvus Cabal Leader.

Then we get into the proper minis with the Wytch Doctor: Blood Beak


Next is the warbands brute warrior: Thunder Talon


The stalker/hunter/scout/fast attack is: Sly Crow


Then we have the vicious and cunning Cabalist troops:

Feather Wreck


Dove Mauler


Carnage Hawk


Raven Stoop






White Eagle


I wanted them to have some basic weaponry which included some firepower as well as a few grenades here and there. The Corvus Cabals main strength is their speed and ferocity. They strike fast and hard, always drawing first blood and do not back down until their prey or target is down and no longer breathing. They are relentless in their attack, seemingly having no real tactic other than surround and then pounce.

They are adaptable creatures but prefer the dry arid deserts and lifeless maze-like mountains.

Beware the Corvus Cabal.

I hope you enjoyed my first, proper, blog post for a while. Sorry nothing is painted but I’ll get there.

A special thanks to those of you that reached out behind the scenes to see if I was ok too. Very much appreciated and a comforting thought to know that my blogger buddies care about IRO and Luke 😉😊

I’ll leave you and tease you with some photos I took from my back balcony just the other night. No editing what so ever. Pretty cool.




33 thoughts on “Warcry Part 1”

  1. Hahaha! Dove Mauler! Love it mate! Good to see photographic evidence that your hobby time wasn’t wasted too, I love what you’ve done with these and now I’m even more convinced that I need to get another set and work on my Escher-Corvus Cabal-Raven Guard three-way kitbash.

    I used to drive a hilux for work myself, they’re nice trucks, pretty much impossible to get stuck. I helped a guy get one out of a ditch in the snow once, the back wheels were a good couple of feet off the ground and he still managed to reverse it out under its own power. I went on a 4×4 training course for work and the trainer asked us all what we drove and gave us tips. When I said a Hilux he said “If you’re stuck just stick it in low ratio and drive it out. Doesn’t really matter where you are, in a gorge, in the snow, in a river, under the sea, doesn’t matter – stick it in low ratio and drive on home”. Not that I’d recommend trying it mind.
    When we asked him how to get across a river (in any 4×4) his first tip was “Buy a boat”.

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    1. I’m definitely keen on getting another kit. When it came to Necro kits I got two of each. One to make pretty much to standard and the other to kitbash the hell out of. Haha Hilux’s are built tough. My friend told me about an episode of Top Gear where they tried to destroy a Hilux, even putting in top of a building and blowing up the building. The Hilux survived haha. Sold!!!

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  2. Great to see you back mate.

    Sorry to hear that your truck died but your replacement seems pretty bad ass.

    Glad things are better for you domestically since you have moved- got to put the kids first.

    Loving your work with the warcry models… the kneeling one especially. Give that you have given them guns you realise that they would make an exccellent Necromundfa gang… just saying….



    Liked by 4 people

  3. Heeee’s baaaack!

    Cool stuff – my favorite is Sly Crow.

    But Death-Pecker…that has an entirely different meaning over her – though in AUS it may mean the same knowing you!

    That’s a lot of painting in your queue – looking forward to seeing them…and the podcast!

    Lastly, cool truck – did you get it from Marty McFly?


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  4. Good to see you back at your cheeky best, I will have you know I am in my prime! Figures look great and I will take a much closer look later. The truck looks great and typical of what most farmers in my neck of the woods drive. The views are to die for but I wouldn’t recommend that you do!

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  5. I’m so glad you’re back at blogging again! 😀 WP isn’t the same without you.
    I see I’ve got some catching up to do on your posts since I was gone on a blogging hiatus of my own for November to participate in NaNoWriMo. 😛
    Love the new pieces. My fave of these guys is Sly Crow. So bad ass!
    Congrats on the new home and the new vehicle. The view from your yard is absolutely amazing.

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