Warcry part 2

Some of you might be wondering what happened to my NIDS project? Well, more on that in my next post but for now it’s all about Warcry.

After playing around with the Corvus Cabal I decided to tackle the Unmade tonight. Not to be confused with the other Warcry warband called the Untamed. Confused? I was for a bit haha.


I made half a dozen models tonight and slightly changed each of them but I only wanted to share the one I’m most proud of with you for now.

The wind was still for a change… A rare respite during the sandstorm season. The old warrior made his rounds, dutifully, checking on the meagre food stores that dotted along a path only he and his undead crow could see. Despite his age, disfigurements and his dying sense of self the old warrior was still agile and alert. Still a lethal weapon if required to be. None of his kind dared cross him… not anymore at least. They left him to his inane and ritualistic routine. 

Just like the old warrior the others each had their own task, a role to play, which therefore secured their place in the tribe. However, when called upon, all would unite for one purpose… To fight, to capture, to enslave and to kill all their enemies. – 


For those of you that don’t know what the original/standard model looks like here it is.


A great looking model by all accounts but I wouldn’t be IRO if I didn’t tinker, tamper, cut, slice, glue and change haha.

The conversion was quite intricate in its execution and I won’t bore you with all the details. What I will say though is getting the bird placed just right was tough but exciting to achieve haha.

Thanks for stopping by.

Oh and as my new studio (The IRO Studio) is downstairs away from the family I can now play my music as loud as I like. Therefore (as a little homage to one of my favourite bloggers, TIM, and his musings) I’d like to let you all know, from now on, what I’ve been listening to.

The Masters Apprentice “Undecided”

As well as The Rumjacks Fistful O Roses










26 thoughts on “Warcry part 2”

  1. I like that staff with the raven on top!
    So, if you use Spotify or Bandcamp, you should check out a band called Midas. They’re from a couple towns over from me and they play 80s heavy metal. They’re fantastic and are awesome to see live. I just feel like you would really dig them. 🙂

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    1. Cooool. I’ll have a look see and check em out. If you look closer you’ll see that the bird is actually on the raised banner type thing coming from this chaps back. The staff just has a twisted horn on top. I think the angle of the photo is misleading.

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    1. Thanks Jenn, I think photography is key. Not that I consider myself a photographer but I enjoy it and try to do the best shots that I can. I like a good peg leg and have made many minis with missing limbs haha.


  2. Good to see you back in the groove with the figures, another splendid creation. Will check out the links later today. Some pictures or the IRO studio wouod be good to see at some point so I can explain more fully to SWMBO why I need to get the kids to move out!

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  3. Very clever work. Something about his shuffling gait that makes him more creepy. Some say the same thing about me though… 😉

    Good to see you well and truly creating and inventing again!

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  4. Very nice indeed mate – love the more upright pose you’ve given him, makes the character seem a bit more intimidating than the original. I’m a big fan of the Unmade, those are very creepy models indeed.

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