Gelida 40k Part 1


In the gaming/miniature world inq28 has really seemed to have taken off in the last few years, or maybe it’s just that I’ve only really been in the scene on the last few years. Maybe it’s always been around.

Well in actual fact, like a lot of the bite sized games offered from GW, it has been around for quite some time but was all about true-scale (larger) and single models more than warbands. Correct me if I’m wrong. There’s been several events since I’ve been around that have set up games based on old inq rules. You build your own warband and back story then play as part of a narrative type game.

Anyway, if you’re like me and really like the whole blanchitsu/inquisimunda/inq28 thing you’ll know all about Gelida 40k.

If you have no idea but are keen to know then have a listen to this blog episode from Dragged Into Turbolasers.

I knew about Gelida a little from instagram. The aesthetic is a snow covered, harsh, windy death world owned by the imperium but not visited by them for a very long time. The inhabitants (humans and ab-humans alike)  survive as best they can in the subzero temperatures and generally get about in tall mech walkers or rusting old tank-like trucks. Seeing the images on line and doing some research was enough for me to want to jump on board and start building something.

I will be keeping things simple with just three warbands and only one mech walker.

I completed, as far as building, the first warband the other night.

The Last Guard


Here’s the pride of the warband, the mech walker – Jakub 007


A lot of fun to build the mech. I just made it up as I went along and I’m particularly happy with the pilot.

So yes another project to the long list but I’ve decided not to give myself a hard time about not finishing projects haha. I’m just going to follow my own creative rainbow from now on.

I hope you’re all well.

I’ll leave you with some more sunset pix from my decking plus a couple of friends that join us for breakfast and dinner each day.




















22 thoughts on “Gelida 40k Part 1”

    1. We are very lucky where we are. Cockatoos, rosellas, king parrots all sorts. I’m looking forward to adding snow and frost to the finished models. I’ve heard white paint, pva and bicarb Soda is the best for snow effects. Sounds fun and easy to me

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  1. The game sounds right up your street and the figures look great too. The mech walker is excellent and all the more impressive as a scratch build. Love the photo’s, you clearly live somewhere special so enjoy. The bird picture reminded me of a girl I knew, she’d had a cockortwo as well!

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  2. Whaaaaaat?!? I am now not only completely envious of your amazing view, but also of your amazing bird buddies! I had no idea cockatoos were just chilling in Australia all wild and fancy free. We have pigeons and seagulls (aka: Trash Eagles) here.

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  3. So very cool dude, you have a year’s worth of painting to do just here!!! Glad that I am catching up so I could see these minis – and COCKATOOS???? You know I have a cockatiel – if I was to have either on my porch – well they’d be dead as its winter – but in summer I’d love that! Looking forward to catching up on blogging and the FOTW podcasts I have missed – but seriously dude, when will you have time to paint these (hint outsource to kids…)

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