Gelida 40k Part 2

Haven’t had a great deal of time spare but I did manage to cobble this chap together.

He will act as a leader of one of the Gelida Warbands.

I call him Varrl, Lord of the FrostPunks


His helmet was the trickiest part as it took a lot of careful cutting and also the bits selection for it was agonising. First world problems though aye hehe.

I enjoyed building him though and exudes exactly what I wanted him to… cold, harsh, authority.



PS – Just quietly, Ive started work on something very, very different for me but more on that another time.





26 thoughts on “Gelida 40k Part 2”

  1. Very cool man, great conversion and the result is really imposing. The pictures are superb as well, nicely atmospheric. Looking forward to seeing whatever this mystery you hint at at the end is too – you know I’m agog with curiosity!

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