German Örks – Der Störenfried – Part 4

It was March 2019 that I last did an update on this project… crazy!

A little reminder:

I love Orks, especially futuristic space Orks but, after discovering German themed Orks on line years ago I knew I wanted an army of them. Bit by bit I collected what I needed and since then I’ve been building and doing a little, and I mean very little, painting of, said, German Örks.

I call my German Ork army Der Störenfried (which means the troublemaker) 

As mentioned in my “what’s in for 2020” post last week, I’m giving myself a, rough, plan of what I’d like to do each month.

So far I have completed Warrens birthday present, the Battle Of Britain Diorama and, now, I have painted some more German Orks. Note the cigar in the first green brutes mouth.


I got these done in one sitting this evening.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to do a whole bunch more. The family will be away so, after work, I’ll be cracking a beer and getting out the paints and brushes. Might even do a little batch painting. Then I’ll order a ruby murry mmmmm and paint more.

I want to try and get quite a few done for another game I’ll be having this Thursday night with my mate Keith.

The Battle Of ORKinawa 😉 haha.

Should be another fun one to play, photograph and report on after.

Thanks for stopping by.



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