The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard – Part 9 – A very Flashy Pilot and his Co-Pilot

Hello chaps and chappettes, feeling spiffy today I hope.

Even though it wasn’t part of my plan for January this, particular, project (Praetorian Guard) is on the BIG 2020 list.

A while back TIM brought my attention to a lovely miniature called Lord Flash who is, basically, Wing Commander Lord Flashheart from Blackadder series 4, Blackadder Goes Forth. 


Played by the late, and great, Rik Mayall, Lord Flashheart, who also appears in series 2 as an aristocrat, is the epitome of English pomp with all the brashness of an over bearing but charismatic bully from an all boy private school. Rik Mayall played the role absolutely perfectly and in a comedy series filled to the brim with comedy gold, Mayall’s character, Lord Flashheart is a real stand out.

Without further ado let’s meet, in memory of the great man, Lord Mayall 


Here is the Co-Pilot, First Officer Edmondson. Let’s see if anyone can pick up on the connection. Not sure where I picked this mini up or what brand it is but he suits the “co-pilot” role perfectly.


Just for a bit of fun the backdrop is my grandads field glasses (binoculars) case.


Now they just need something to fly… ? 


FYI – If you missed it here is how TIM, brilliantly, painted Lord Flashheart.



33 thoughts on “The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard – Part 9 – A very Flashy Pilot and his Co-Pilot”

  1. Woof Woof! You’ve done a fine job on him mate, and I really like the look of First Officer Edmondson. Thought Ade Edmondson’s tribute when Rik Mayall died was just perfect. “He’s died for real. Without me this time. What a bastard”. Two very funny men indeed.

    Would be curious to know where the Edmondson model comes from, if anyone works it out, it’d make a fine 40k/Inq28 pilot.

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  2. HI there,

    I am holding a blogging party this weekend, you might want to pop over for a little bit during the weekend. great way to grow your following and connect to other bloggers. and get into the community spirit here on

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    1. I fully concur with young IRO. Here’s a starter for you:

      In case the links don’t work or go bad, you’re after “Blackadder Goes Forth”. Six 30-min episodes, so easy enough to watch in one sitting. Or 2-3 if you must spread them out. The finale is ..surprisingly powerful.

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