The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard Part 10 – Grease Monkey and a special tattoo.

What better time to write a blog post than while I wait to get a new tattoo.

A boxed set of 12, lead, miniatures from games Workshop called The Last Chancers was released in the late 90s. Each figure was a unique sculpt and character with his, or her, very own set of skills. The set was, loosely based/inspired by one of my all time favourite War movies “The Dirty Dozen.”

Instead of being lead by Lee Marvin, The Last Chancers, were being lead by Colonel Schaefer and under his command were a lot of cool characters.

After seeing and reading about the Last Chancers for the first time in the White Dwarf magazine (#240) I knew I wanted them. However as life took over and my passion for the hobby waned so did my wants and desires for the prisoner squad.

All these years later I found two of The Last Chancers on eBay and, despite them being out of production, rare and expensive I got my dirty hands on them.

Back in the day, even though I never purchased any, I had my favourites.

Grease Monkey was one of them.


Much like the rest of the team, Grease Monkeys background is foggy to say the least. He found himself being a part of the suicidal squad after he was incarcerated for stealing an ambassadors vehicle.

Grease Monkey can drive anything and fix, just about, anything mechanical.

After, miraculously, surviving countless  suicidal missions Grease Monkey asked to join the Praetorian Guard. He wanted redemption. Needless to say they weren’t over the moon about letting him into their prestigious Guard Battalion but he did come with much needed skills.

The head honchos of The Stouthearted threw the monkey in with the wolves, namely the Veteran Squad, to see how he’d get on and he has gone from strength to strength.

As mentioned, I have another Last Chancer that I’ll post over the weekend.

THIS YEAR I am keeping a tally of all the models I paint. This includes figures, vehicles and terrain. So here is what I did in January.

2 planes 

6 German Orks 

1 Mech Walker 

6 miniatures (Including this one) for the Praetorian Guard. 

Total of: 15 models. Not bad.

Oh yes and the tattoo…

It’s an original drawing by none other than our very own talented and all round legend Ignited Moth. I’m sure you’ve all heard of her by now but if you haven’t here’s the link to her page.

I love all her art and creativity and knew I wanted something of hers on my skin for life. I asked, very politely, if I could save some of her pictures and possibly get one as a tattoo one day. She, generously, said yes so here we are.


It’s on my left inner forearm.

Thanks for letting me have your art tattooed on me Miss Moth, you’re an absolute Boss and one of my favourite blogger buddies! 

While at the tattoo parlour I also got this. 


It reads S W A L K. 

I’m not sure if it’s just my own family thing but mum and dad always wrote the letters on the back of Christmas and birthday cards. They explained that it meant Sealed With A Loving Kiss. 

A couple of months ago my family and I painted our BBQ, just for fun, and one of my daughters painted SWALK on it. My wife saw it and said, “Hey, I just realised that’s also our whole family’s initials.” 

Heres the BBQ 


My mind was blown. So what better tattoo for my five fingers haha.



31 thoughts on “The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard Part 10 – Grease Monkey and a special tattoo.”

  1. I love this post so much! It seriously makes my heart happy. ^_^ Thank you SO MUCH for the kind words and for being so supportive of my drawings. I love all the new ink you got, and the family initial thing is totally mind blowing! So cool! 🙂
    Also, your guys’ BBQ turned out great! That was an awesome idea for you guys to paint it up like that.
    Yay! You’ve seriously made my night. I’ve been really sick all week and this was utterly fantastic to see. Totally lifted my spirits! 😀

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Nice work on the figure. Will fit in very well with your other fine works. As a young teen I remember exchanging letters to a love in my life who I met on holiday and both of us adding SWALK to the envelopes. After a while and with things going very well I progressed to writing NORWICH. I will let you think about that one for a while or you can ask your dad.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Haha I googled it. Apparently back in the old days women would put up boxes of OMO washing powder in their front windows if they fancied a bit. It stood for “Old Man Out”. Not sure if that’s true but I remember reading it somewhere. Maybe an Aussie thing

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Fabulous artwork both on the body and on the figures. I can see why you went for that style and design – really great stuff. If you are reluctantly ever forced to throw a punch at an aggressor with that hand, then it strikes me that SWALK would be the last thing your assailant would see! 😀

    And yes, Grease Monkey is a really great addition to that glorious regiment.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I do like the Grease monkey mate he has certainly been through the wars ! Love the barby mate ,amazing coincidence in regards to SWALK and all your names, and the Tats pretty cool, I must check out Ignited Moths other work !

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Ah, the Last Chancers! You know there’s a series of books about them too? I’ve still not read them but I hear good things. Not encouraging you spend your hard-earned money or anything but if you spot the rest of the models for a reasonably price you should jump at them. The number of things I’ve let pass and afterwards been cursing that I didn’t buy now that they’re out of production and rare (although now that I think about it, the number of things that I did buy are now sitting in the pile of shame is probably higher… Still, you should jump at them anyway!).

    Nice tats as well, really like Ignited Moth’s style and that story about SWALK is a brilliant coincidence.

    Liked by 2 people

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