The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard part 11 – Hero, Colonel Holton and more Veterans

A good start for February on the old painting front. I’m on a bit of a roll, so far, this year.

A quick note, I’ve taken a leaf out of TIM’s book and I now paint the face of the miniature first. 

As mentioned in my previous post I acquired TWO Last Chancer miniatures. You’ve seen Grease Monkey, now meet…



Sent to the slammer for refusing a direct order to lead his men into a suicidal mission. However, Hero is one of the bravest and fearless individuals ever to fight for the Last Chancers. The Praetorian Guard snapped him up pretty quickly to be a squad leader and champion for their veteran squad.

I’m tempted to collect all of The Last Chancer models now. Should I shouldn’t I???? Haha

Colonel Kyran Holton

Holton is the Commander of the Veteran Squad. He is suave, sophisticated, charismatic and horribly disfigured. Six years ago he was the target of an assassination attempt by the filthy Traitor Guard which left his face and upper chest burnt and scarred. He is never seen without his, gold trimmed, breathing mask. 

Veteran troops, including a couple of Lieutenants (First two minis below) and a couple of standard troops.


Heres a group pic of the veteran squad as it stands at the moment. I still have another dozen models to paint though.


I have a vehicle and a terrain piece coming up soon for this army but I’m really enjoying painting the characters and troops at the moment.



33 thoughts on “The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard part 11 – Hero, Colonel Holton and more Veterans”

      1. Thanks mate. Back onsite at work soon, so the next time I disappear it may well be COVID. :p
        And yes – you should collect the rest of the Last Chancers! 😀

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      1. I must disagree, I don’t think his eyes are painted badly at all mate. Eyes are some of the hardest things to paint and I’ve seen some terrible eyes in my time (many of them being ones I’ve painted), those are pretty good. 🙂

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  1. Smashing stuff for the growing regiment! Your faces are fab, as always. Like you, I tend to be a paint the face last kind of guy, though I always hear that we should paint as we dress – starting with the skin, and heading out to any under garments, then overcoats, etc. I don’t know about you, I am drawn to paint what I like to do first, a bit like eating favourite food off a plate first and finishing with the cauliflower (or whatever it is you like the least)…

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