The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard part 12 – I long for death, not because I seek peace, but because I seek the war eternal.

If you’re are wondering about the quote in the title it’s not my own personal thoughts haha. Instead it’s quoted from Cardinal Armandus Helfire of the ecclesiarchy. Basically the God/Emperor Religion in the 40k universe.

So what’s all this Godliness about?

Well, I have an amazing miniature for you today.

What makes it amazing? Well not really my paint work haha it’s the sculpt. It/he is so detailed but I also love the design and the stance of this bad boy. 

I had wanted this miniature, from games workshop, for quite some time and it’s been around for quite a while I believe. I finally got a hold of it at the end of 2019 and I’ve been itching to paint it ever since.

For me, the miniature brings to mind a standout character from the Mad Max movie “Fury Road” known as The Bullet Farmer. 


So let’s meet him…

Ministorum Priest Roderick Silus

Bold, blunt and ballsy, is what the Praetorian Guardsmen whisper when discussing, in hushed tones, the old drunk. He’s forthright and can be extreme violent at the drop of a hat or a blaspheme.


He was a lot of fun to paint. He’s, literally, big, heavy and chunky.

He has to be one of the best sculpts I’ve ever painted.

On a technical note I’d like to thank TIM for emailing me the steps on how to do eyes. As you can see by this mini I still need to practice but TIMs formula definitely works. I think I need some finer brushes too.

Also, I took the photos outside. First time ever. It’s true what they say about natural light. I had no need to edit the photos after.





45 thoughts on “The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard part 12 – I long for death, not because I seek peace, but because I seek the war eternal.”

  1. Yep, that’s a great mini alright. When I hear something say “they seek the eternal war,” I would have a tendency to think they are trying to sound tough or don’t really know what they are talking about, but with this guy the beard alone is enough to make me believe him without question, nevermind all of the other stuff! Ye Godlings!

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  2. Love that model, perfectly captures the “crazy priest” vibe! You’ve done a super job on him too. Completely agree on using natural light for pictures, I use a combination of natural and artificial, without a bit of natural light in the room everything comes out looking flat.

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  3. Very late to the party, but good job on the old Jacobus! I especially like the coals, the red script on the purity seals and the banner. The red cross brings to mind the real world crusaders.

    Good effort on the eyes! They’re always a bit fiddly, but with some practice very doable. One trick that I learned early was to not worry about painting over the eyelids before getting the whites and the pupils done, and then repaint the lids. Also, yes, it cannot be overstated how much a brush with a good tip helps!

    And as it happens, I also got this figure late last year, and he’s on my painting table now..

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    1. I loved painting this one. Glad you like what I’ve done. I went with the Saint George cross for the whole English thing with the Praetorian Guard. I’m sure if I’ll ever master “eyes” but I’ll keep trying hehe. Thanks for the tip too man and good luck with your model. I look forward to seeing him

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  4. Great work here mate – and good to see you getting stuck into eyes. My advice (aside from practise, practise) is to make sure you have the right brush and paints for them. What are you using?
    – and I found my own sculpt of this guy only a few days ago while looking for something else – he’s not quite in the queue yet, but he and the preachers and cawdor and redemption are all now on the horizon…

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      1. I’m about to go to bed now, but your tools, they are sufficient, but not ideal for the task.

        I’m just doing some quick replies before bed, but the quick version (for me at least) is get yourself a W&N Series 7 000 and ONLY use it for the finest details (eyes, teeth, tattoos), some Vallejo Black Surface Primer because it’s super thin with beautiful opacity and coverage.
        Your white choices are a bit more diverse, but Citadel wouldn’t be my choice because their whites always seem too thin or too chalky. (and as you may have seen from my recent desk shot, I use a ton of their paints so there’s no anti-citadel snobbery here)
        Right now I’m using Vallejo Game Colour White, Model Colour Ivory or an old discontinued Army Painter White I got via Mantic KoW KS paint set from before they changed to a gel medium.

        For other stuff I use a lot of cheap brushes from a local-ish hobby place – they’re like $5 each and they’re pretty decent. They last a couple of months and then they become drybrushes and I replace them in a cycle. Just checked the brand. they’re “Delta”. But yeah, for your eyes I recommend W&N S7 000. The ones with a lesser “well” (shorter bristles, they hold less paint) are better for this as well.

        Guess that wasn’t so quick after all…

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      2. Haha quick for you though, like you said. Thanks man, I appreciate the help. I’ve screen shot your comment and will get onto the W&N brushes. I’ve got a couple of Valejo paints now and I’m really liking them. A lot milkier than citadels paints.

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