Fembruary challenge 2020

I’m not really one for taking part in challenges or competitions etc but I really enjoy getting involved in Alex’s “Fembruary Challenge!”

Leadballoony’s 3rd Fembruary Challenge!!

As Alex is such a ladies a man, a sensitive new age guy, (jokes) and all round decent bloke he puts out a challenge, each February, to paint a non-sexualised female miniature. Meaning NO scantily clad barbarian princesses etc. I think this is great and let’s face it chicks are waaaaayyyyyy cooler and tougher than us male dickheads anyway.

This is the third year of the challenge and my third year taking part in it.

The first year of the challenge I did this.

For my submission this year I’m going for a continuation (In story) of last years entry. Last year I did a small diorama of my three daughters atop an old VW beetle fighting off a zombie attack. Here are some pix to jog your memories.

This year we will find my daughters still in a zombie post apocalyptic world but it’s ten years later. They’re a bit older and a whole lot tougher.

I have the idea.
I have all the bits and pieces.                            Now I just need to get stuck in.

So gang, what are you waiting for? Go find a female miniature, paint her and submit her into the Fembruary Challenge!!!!



16 thoughts on “Fembruary challenge 2020”

  1. Well IRO, you might be using Fembruary to get in touch with your feminine side and to suck up to the fairer sex but I intend to include a scantily clad female or two in my submission to Alex’s challenge. Call yourself an Australian, you’ll be drinking Prosecco before you know it! 😉

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