Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 3

As per my “monthly goals” I want to paint at least one miniature a month for my pirate project called “Saint Kristos”. I don’t blame you if you don’t even remember my pirate island project haha.

I failed in this goal for January so I will try and do two for Feb, the first of which is what I present to you today.

Captain Julian (my youngest daughter chose this name) 

The old, senile, but still quite suave, Captain is without a ship and has been for nearly two decades now. His last great raid, which was also his most notable, ended badly. Not only did Julian lose his ship but he also lost his entire crew and his leg. However the worse thing Old Captain Julian lost was his sanity.

Now he spends his days wondering the island of Saint Kristos, singing old shanty songs and taking big swigs of his homemade Rum he calls his “Med’cine”.

Despite his age and mental health he’s still a wily old son of a bitch so be careful not to upset him. He is absolutely fearless but stupid as well and will shoot a man dead for looking at him without kindness.


To be perfectly honest I’m not that happy with the paint job. I know it sounds like a cop out but I think it has to do with the sculpt. The details are not as clear and defined as other models I’ve painted. He’s passable but yeah not my finest work.


My Fembruary submission for 2020 is juuuuuust about ready. I finished off the last model this evening and now just want to add a backdrop for the photo session. Hopefully I’ll get that all sorted tomorrow night, which will mean I’ll post tomorrow night too.

I’m quite excited about my submission this year, although I probably say that every year haha.





25 thoughts on “Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 3”

  1. Classic pirate, love it! It can be a real challenge to get a paint job you’re happy with when the model isn’t up to snuff so not a cop-out at all, I’m sure it’s something we’ve all experienced at one time or another.

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  2. I like the paints. The blue on the coat is pretty nice. I’ve been painting a resin Forge World model lately, and can definitely feel the pain of the model not wanting to work with your paints. So tough when the surface is so bumpy.

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  3. I’m glad its not just me mate but sometimes a set I paint just don’t have that umph ,they look ok to start with but down the track they are not quite right .
    Good to hear you have a Tech adviser in the making eh!! Cptn Julian sounds just right for this for this guy !

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  4. I’m out of sink with your posts so have already commented on what a wonderful job you done for Fembruary. If I am being honest then I agree with you that the figure isn’t up to your usual high standard but it is very hard to pick out detail which isn’t there so don’t be to hard on yourself!

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  5. I agree with TIM but sometimes the challenge is making something out of nothing. The actual project is always a learning process, so its not a waste by any means. Certainly he looks good enough for you to give Keith on the tabletop as a future casualty!

    Glad to see you having goals – those help.

    The peg leg made me think of one of my favorite songs, “Shipping Up to Boston” by The Dropkick Murphys. It’s the unofficial sports anthem for all of our sports teams here – and in case it did not make it down under, enjoy:

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