The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard Part 14 – Captain Caine

How could any Anglo-Zulu War miniature painting enthusiast NOT have a “Michael Caine” character in their Praetorian Guard army?

Now, I’d already used the name “Bromhead” for my Tank driver but I still wanted a Michael Caine character. Good thing great minds think alike because Victoria Miniatures produces exactly that.

I have made no conversions. What you see is how he came. I just modified the paint job slightly.

Captain Caine


Needless to say I bloody love him haha.

I’m also loving expanding my Praetorian Guard army as it is, without doubt, my favourite army in my collection.

Over the next week or so I’m hoping to finish off the Praetorian Guard veterans before moving on to some more Orky stuff.






37 thoughts on “The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard Part 14 – Captain Caine”

      1. No not the Praetorian Guard, they are based on the 24th foot of course but set in the world of 40k. I do have a garrison planned for them though. I’ve recently purchased the Rorke’s Drift set from Warlord Games though and that will be a historically correct (as much as possible) diorama but also gaming set. I can’t wait to get stuck in to that one.

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      2. woah, just found out its only 10 miles from me, so i can go to games workshop and warlords in the same day, stand by for photos guys..

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  1. “Koot’s sir, farrsands of em!!”

    Really nice paintwork there mate, perfect Caine stand-in.

    Plus gives me a chance to quote my one and only Micheal Caine joke….

    Michael Caine is hosting a celebrity party in the sixties, all the big showbiz names are there and having a swinging time when Jim Morrison comes up to Caine and says..
    “Me and the boys in the band are leaving”
    “Why?” says Caine worried that Jim leaving will look bad amongst all his hip friends
    “We’re just not digging it man” Jim replies
    “OK say Caine, what if I get Marianne Faithful to have oral sex with you and the boys, will you stay then?”
    “Well, if you can do that I guess we’ll hang about for a while” says Jim enthusiastically.
    Caine goes off to arrange it and Marianne agrees. All is well for a while then Caine spots Marianne and the Beatles coming down from upstairs together, furious he storms over and confronts the promiscuous starlet and yells “”You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!!!”

    Sorry, Roger.

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