The Last Huzza/Hoorah/Hussar

I was quite tickled by myself when I thought of this title haha.

I picked up some Vostroyans a while back and I’d been quite stumped on how to paint them. Then, through listening to Dan Carlin’s brilliant “hardcore histories” podcast, I heard about the Erstes 
Leib-Husaren-Regiment (1st life Hussar regiment). 


August Von Mackensen


What a dude huh? August fought in the Franco-Prussian War and World War 1 and lived to the ripe old age of 95. He was 65 when WW1 started.

August Von Mackensen could have been the first Vostroyan ever haha. You guys should definitely read all about August and his Hussars. Brilliant stuff.

Our very own Marvin did a lovely post FIVE YEARS AGO, as I found out when looking up miniatures of the hussars. See here –

So I finally had a colour scheme for the Vostroyans and thought I’d test the idea out on one with the aim of making him look as close to the real August as I could.


I’m pretty happy with the result but I’d like to hear what you think. The feathers on the hat look a bit odd but the actual sculpt was kind of worn down or snot quite right in that spot. The back of the feathers look better.

I also added the skull or Totenkopf.

As I’m pretty happy with the colour scheme I’ll paint the rest up over the next week or two (in between building Zulus) So, in actually fact, he’s not the Last Hussar, just one of them haha.





37 thoughts on “The Last Huzza/Hoorah/Hussar”

  1. I love it, the colour scheme’s good and the totenkopf works great. Beautiful work on the face too.

    It was said that ‘any hussar who wasn’t dead by age thirty was a blackguard’ and yet Von Mackensen made it to nearly 100! But having been through Franco Prussian and First World Wars, we can certainly overlook that. I don’t know about you but I reckon his moustache was scarier than the skull and cross-bones – a fearsome gaze too.

    Thanks for the mention btw 🙂 – one of the first in my Napoleonic cavalry series.

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      1. Yep, the Totenkopf had a long and relatively proud history in the Prussian and Germanic armie before the nascent SS decided to adopt the symbol for it’s own. It kinda went downhill from there…

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  2. Excellent 🙂 I have a load of Vostroyans in the ‘long-term to-do’ box, but never fancied the WD Red scheme… this green is so much nicer, and is now filed away for future reference 😉

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