Rorke’s Drift Part 3 – Every man counts

In an effort to keep up momentum with this project I am doing regular (work in progress) posts.

With that in mind there’s not a great deal to report on BUT today I did build another 51 miniature Zulus. I made twenty during the week. So that, plus the ones I made a few weeks back, takes the grand total to 111 zulus. LOTS more to build though and every man counts.

It’s not a glamorous or exciting job, building Zulus, in fact it’s quite monotonous haha. It takes me back to my first full time job, as a 19 year old, when I worked for a printing firm. At one point I was doing twelve hours a day plus six hours on Saturday working on a silk-screen print machine. I was the fastest and most accurate out of our small printing crew I’m proud to say but maaaaaaan was it monotonous!!!! There were no windows in the print room and I only had a broken down old radio to keep me company. I occupied my mind with song/lyric ideas and would jot them down quickly on scrap bits of paper. By the time I got home my pockets would be jam packed with notes and songs and ideas haha. Crazy.

Despite the monotony of building the Zulus today it was still kind of fun because both my wife and youngest daughter sat at the table with me doing their own (not as cool) hobbies hehe. We had music on and I supplied us with cups of tea and cookies. So, as the world goes a little mad, we were quite content in each other’s company doing our own thing.

Here are a couple of shots of the 51 models I put together today. Again, I tried to make each one slightly different from the next.


That’s all folks…

Apart from this…

Be good to yourselves, look after yourselves but also be good to others and let’s look after each other.



26 thoughts on “Rorke’s Drift Part 3 – Every man counts”

    1. I still have, I think, another 200 or so to make haha. Crazy! We’ve been quite lucky so far. My wife and I are still working. I don’t generally see many people with my work anyway and the wife works behind the scenes for the ambulance service. She is flat out, as you can imagine. We’ve kept the kids off school but other than that it’s business as usual for now. Still doing the podcast too but last night we did over the phone. Are you guys in total lockdown now?

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      1. Pretty much total lockdown yeah, although as usual the advice from London is a bit on the vague and contradictory side. It was just business as usual for me, I rarely interact with anyone else at work so I was able to carry on safely for a while but we’re off now.

        Jesus, two hundred more to make – my hat’s off to you mate! Good luck painting them all!

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  1. Nice mate ,you are really getting up into the large figures, very impressive ,not so impressive as what you served you lovely hobby companions “cookies” so old chap but I realize you are English but down under we refer to them as biscuits and I’m sure if you check with your parent they might agree as I’m sure only our friends from America would call a biscuit a cookie. I have probably stuck my neck out here ,just to have it chopped of when TIM comes up with “cookies ” being an “Olde English” term used in some long forgotten century !
    Oh shit where was I , yes great work mate and keep up with the good work mate and keep the family safe in this trying times ,especially your wife out on the frontline !

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      1. Ha ha enough said , the evolution of our language is inevitable do to other cultures influences, if I asked for a muffin now it certainly wouldn’t look like it once did , more like what was once a cupcake. So yeah mate we oldies just have stop fighting it and go with the as they say and consider ourselves luck we have google to interpret any new gargon .

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  2. Nice work! Also, very cool about getting quality family time in while you’re working on all of that. It sounds like you’ve got a good Quarantine Crew to spend your time with! 😉
    I know I would be losing my shit if I lived alone during all of this. Having Mr. Moth and our cat Bailey around is one of the only things keeping me sane. 😛

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