Strange days

This is a Non-Hobby Post so sorry to disappoint.

It’s more of a call out to all the followers of this blog, many of you I think of as mates. I haven’t met any of you but, through our mutual interests, I feel, we have connected more than just on-line bloggers. There’s not one of you I wouldn’t want to sit down with and have a pint or a cup of tea with. Maybe not TIM… haha jokes.

So what is this post all about?

I guess I just felt compelled to implore you to all stay safe in your corners of the world. The coronavirus is spreading far and wide now and taking more lives than I imagined it ever could. It’s all quite surreal actually.

If your governments are telling you to stay in lockdown please do so. If they’re saying to keep your distance from people, do that too. Fortunately/Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) we have to trust our governments as much as we can. We voted them in so now we need to hope that they are doing all they can for us. If you’re anything like me you might find it hard to trust the government and media, completely,  but alas what choice do we have?

Here in Australia social distancing is as common as what shaking someone’s hand used to be. We are not in lockdown, yet at least, but many have chosen to self isolate. Our infected tally is rising all the time but, thankfully, the death toll is still quite low compared to many other countries.

On a personal level both my wife and I are still working. I run my own small gardening business and didn’t see many clients before all this anyway because they’re at work etc. Now a lot of them are home but stay indoors and give me a friendly wave. Ironically, the most vulnerable people, elderly and people with underlying health issues, make up 80% of my customer base and they seem to be worried the least. One lady who is confined to a wheelchair said, if she can live with a disability she can do anything. Another bloke who is 91 said I’ve had a long and happy life so I’m not going to start worry about death now.


We are keeping our daughters home. No more swimming, school, sleepovers at friends places, cinemas or restaurants for the time being. Funnily enough we are all just getting on with it and having a laugh along the way.

My wife and I are very, very positive people and we raise our girls to be the same way. We don’t worry about what might happen but at the same time we are not naive and are taking all the appropriate measures to stay safe.

Luckily my, main, hobby is an inside hobby. Building and painting models and I have enough to last me two lifetimes haha. I’m sure you’re all in the same boat there.

So my friends, let’s keep on keeping on. Help each other if and when you can. Stay positive. Use your time creatively, productively or both. Keep laughing and tell the ones who matter most how much you love them.

Here’s a couple of snaps of me in my new work uniform.


Not sure if any of you follow my podcast but we will keep it alive during these dark times in an attempt to give people a little respite. Hopefully make people laugh. Big Waz (my co-host) and I are doing the show via pre-recorded segments and phone calls as of the last episode but other than that the SHOW MUST GO ON!

Heres a link to the Spotify –


IRO aka Luke 😉

55 thoughts on “Strange days”

  1. Stay safe, mate. As for politicians, I can put a *little* bit of faith in Andrews right now, but Scotty is far worse than Boris and heading towards Trump territory right now…
    Good move on keeping the girls home as well. Child illnesses are rarer than adults,. but they’re definately a thing – and of course, they do pick up and transmit to others – like the adults in their lives.

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      1. Hey mate. We’re ok – especially now that work has closed for the time being. Just trying to keep out idiot parent-children from going out and killing themselves before their time as the major stressor. Well, that and the invisible plague, but we’re pretty smart in looking after ourselves. Much moreso than they are…

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  2. It is mad out there and it’s really been doing a number on my mental health. But really trying to push through and keep it together for the sake of my kids, partner and mother all under my care.
    At the end of the day we’re all in this together (as cliche as that keeps sounding every time it’s said).
    Hope you and your family stay safe and healthy throughout this, take care.

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  3. I’ve been speaking to a mate in Tas and I’m pleased to say that you aren’t alone with having moronic countrymen. Panic buying here is also horrendous and although I’m lucky enough to be able work from home, going to supermarket after supermarket to find just nothing on the shelves is a bit worrying. My missies is due to give birth in the next few weeks so at least that will take our mind off things 😁. Stay safe bud

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  4. hi mate, i only do one garden now at present but it has acres of space and we dont see anyone, the owner brings us tea but at a distance. We have the virus in a prison less than 10 miles from where i live so its kind of worrying, my wife works in a supermarket and faces loads of people everyday, some nice many nasty, she was actually reported to management last week for not smiling at a customer, get a life missus.
    Stay safe and enjoy your hobby and we can continue to read your posts..

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      1. No not seen it, we had an old dear contact us to visit her garden today for future work but we cant visit as the journey is non essential, but we will visit sometime. I am still painting 40k at present but thinking of doing more in smaller scale..

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  5. Cheers for the update mate. My uncle touched down in perth this morning, he works on a cruiseliner that docked in South Africa, he was going to visit his mom, my grandma, but sadly they are in lockdown too now.

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  6. Good to hear from you Luke! Things in Finland are still decently under control, but they’re likely to get worse in the coming days/weeks. Just got to stay positive, eventually this will blow over.

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  7. Stay safe down there mate. In Lockdown here only allowed out for food meds, 1 hour of exercise and any essential workers. Got a pile of books, DVDs and toys to keep me going.

    Look after yourself and you family.



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  8. Yeah, stay safe peeps. We are into our second week of the kids being off school. Luckily where we live they can roam around the fields etc. I did my one journey into work today to get the things I needed, but apart from going to do the horse we are staying in. It is beginning to affect my calm.

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  9. Things are getting worse by the day, hearing about what’s going on in Italy and Spain is making me dread what will happen in the U.K. once we go into peak stage. Luckily the word has gone out for everyone to stay at home to limit the spread of the virus.

    Well, most people have. Sadly there are a bunch of [censored] who would rather continue spreading and harming those who don’t have a strong immune system. Even if these idiots who go outside ignoring the warnings (by that I mean social gatherings. If it’s essential shopping, medication and exercise within guidelines, those are acceptable) please by the NHS, even if they have the best immunity to the virus, they can still be ill and risk giving the NHS more work to do. I heard on the news that a 21 year old who had no underline health issues died from the virus.

    But hey, it’s good to see everyone in this community being wise and staying safe.

    look after yourself, staying safe with your family and the goats.

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  10. Hi IRO, glad to hear you and yours are safe and well as Bjorn said we are in lockdown (baring the knobheads) over here in blighty, and it turns out I’m am classed as one of the “vulnerable” so I’m not allowed to play outdoors for twelve weeks!

    I might even have to start painting again! I keep trying to get out but God keeps dragging me back in!!!!

    Stay well, Cheers Roger.

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      1. Haha. Maybe both then. I still don’t quite understand why you wanted to leave? For me it’s something I have to do. Like a drug. All started when the band I was in cane to an end. Now minis are my passion


  11. Well said. Thinking of all my fellow bloggers, friends and family, lately. I think we’re all in the same situation more or less. We just have to do our best to look out for ourselves and, most importantly at this time, others too, it’s not a time for selfishness.

    There’s always the figures pile there to help see us through this.

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      1. Agreed. A unified response with organised social support networks is what will see us through sooner. The best human response we can offer in this situation to the fear and panic is solidarity and compassion.

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  12. Glad you’re doing ok mate. Completely agree with you on everything you’re saying here really. It’s hard to be positive about this, especially when you’ve got older people to worry about (and especially with the barrage of bad news in the media). On the other hand stress suppresses the immune system so it’s worth trying to look on the bright side. 🙂

    I keep thinking about the T-rex, it had tiny little arms and couldn’t wash its hands – now it’s extinct, says it all really!

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  13. Very glad you and your family are doing okay! 🙂 I agree, there are some really awesome people here on WP, you definitely being one of them. 😀
    Mr. Moth and I are doing our best to keep as positive as possible during all of this, too. I think it’s really important. We’re doing things we enjoy and trying to stay informed.
    Our president is a fucking moron and wants business to go back to usual by Easter (like he literally said he wants churches packed with hundreds of people for Easter.) Luckily our state’s governor is way more practical about things and doing the best she can. We’re currently in a three week “Stay at Home” order for our entire state and are only supposed to go out for essential things.
    You guys stay safe and take care! ❤

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  14. Nice post man, missed this sort of thing! Glad you’re all doing well!

    We are doing quite good, all things considered. Job is keeping me damned busy, but there are a lot of people out there who are sadly losing them right now. Don’t have as much time for painting as some, but getting to spend more time with the kids. That will be a positive to look back on once we get past this. “Remember when COVID-19 hit and we beat Zelda 1 together?!”. There’s also some good as it’s forcing companies to modernize and think of new ways to do things.

    Stay safe and well compadre!

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