The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard part 15 – Sanit Sebastian Of Praetoria


Saint Sebastian is the Patron Saint of Praetoria.

A Millenia ago a rave and noble warrior named Sebastian Goodwyn stood up, alone, against the chaos oppressors that has ravaged his home land. Sebastians courage had been rewarded by being tied to a tree and shot at for sport by his enemies.

Despite receiving many wounds, Sebastian did not die. A young peasant woman untied him, dragged him to her mud hut and tended to his wounds.

Through weeks of fever and sickness the woman had stayed by Sebastians side nursing him and praying to the Emperor for the young warriors soul.

Then, one morning, Sebastian sat up in his bed of hessian and straw and spoke…

“I will have my revenge.”

It would take six long years for Sebastian to build a small army of loyal, stoic and brave men. Sebastian then stormed the gates of Galastav where the Chaos Loyalists held council and ruled over the lands with ruthless and bloodthirsty authority.

The Battle was long and bloody and, again, Sebastian was wounded but this time he knew it was his end. However his men had broken the back of the chaos army and all they needed to do now was strike at the heart of the enemy.

“My Lord, tell us your final orders and the men and I will follow them until victory or death.” Sebastians right hand General Kaspien said.

“When I have left this world you must strap me to a steed so I can lead the men one more final time. The enemy knows u am dead so when they see that I have risen again they will be fearful and so will be hesitant. This will be our secret weapon. Hit them hard and without mercy my brother and take the lands back.” – With that Sebastian closed his eyes and was gone.

The final charge, with Sebastians body mounted upon a great white steed and leading the charge, had exactly the desired affect. The enemy faulted and Sebastians men hit hard and fast. The Battle was all but over within an hour and Praetoria was born.

Sebastians body was washed and then wrapped in parchment by the same peasant girl who had saved him years before. A month later she had his body entombed in a statue. At the base of the statue she had slide monitor installed just in case… one day… Sebastian rose once more.


I have a larger project, that I’ve nearly finished, coming very soon, maybe as early as tomorrow, but wanted to post this statue of Saint Sebastian first.

I wanted the statue to have the red of the Praetorian Guard but I tried to make it look old, faded and chipped.


The fluff/backstory is a combination of a couple of my favourite stories. The biblical one (I’m not religious but there are some kick arse stories) of Saint Sebastian (AD 256 – 288) and also the story of El Cid.

Hope you like it.



28 thoughts on “The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard part 15 – Sanit Sebastian Of Praetoria”

  1. As I read it I was thinking El Cid with Charlron Heston. Doesn’t take away from a great background story and a very nice original piece of work. Love the work on the plynth too and I reckon you achieved the effects you set out to create. 😊

    Liked by 4 people

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