HellGate – Part 1

Sand, caught by a typhoon, whipped through the acidic air of the rusted, dilapidated and all but forgotten town of HellGate.

Many come and many fight and die but only very few call HellGate home.

Deep, thin veins of the precious metal known as Rhodium courses through the earth around the town of HellGate and long, long ago a miners colony was established.

People prospered.

With prosperity came greed and with greed came death.

Great battles were waged and armies of all shapes, sizes and species came from across the galaxy to stake their claim or die trying.

The lands ran red with blood but still the people came seeking fortune. 

The inhabitants who chose to make HellGate their home, despite the wars, battles, bloodshed, sand typhoons, blistering summers and sub zero conditions of winter, are hardened people.

They live by their wits and by their will to survive.

Most are prospectors seeking out small chips of Rhodium. Some are entrepreneurs who make money from the prospectors, miners and visiting armies. Others are scavengers, no-good-doers and villains.

Then you have the gangs who are constantly at war with one another. The count of gangs is unknown as they are constantly growing, evolving or being disbanded through in-fighting or from being wiped out by other gangs.

You also have the Lawmen, known as The Executioners. They do not arrest and or take prisoners. They simply execute anyone who does the wrong thing.

HellGate is not a pleasant place to be at any time but during the “Summer Solace” it’s one of the worse places, in the known universe, to be in. You see, the earth heats up to such a point that you cannot walk on it. In places the sand is so hot it melts into sheets of glass.

All mining and foraging stops and people are forced to survive on what they’ve stockpiled or from stealing what others may have stockpiled.

Travel in vehicles is treacherous but doable if you have the right kind of vehicles. Rubber tyres won’t last long.

Tensions are high during this period and the worse thing is there is no set length of time that the Summer Solace goes for. One year it was only a week. Another year the intense heat lasted nearly a year and a half.

HellGate is not a place you want to live or even visit.

The Bell Chapel 


King DralRamith




26 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 1”

  1. An evocative setting. For whatever reason, I am reminded of the Clint Eastwood cowboy film, High Plains Drifter. This is more bleak, of course. I really like the Bell Chapel picture. Do you have more pictures of that model, with the dirtbike helmet mask? Maybe I missed them.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks man. It’s actually a terrain piece from GW that I’ve turned into a character. The cloak is green stuff. I’m not amazing at green stuff but cloaks are fairly simple to do. Especially old ragged ones haha.


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