Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast – Episode 3 – Motivation/Inspiration and a chap called Wudugast

Hello fellow readers and bloggers.

I hope today finds you well.

I have just uploaded episode 3 of my humble little hobby podcast.

This week I talk about Motivation and Inspiration for the hobby and also do “half a spotlight” on our friend and Hobby God called Wudugast from Covert Or Die.

Some of you have mentioned that it’s not on Apple Podcasts yet. As far as I know and can tell it can take up to about two weeks to show up on there.

Thanks to those who have listened and to those that haven’t please give it a go and if you like it spread the word for me. 




16 thoughts on “Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast – Episode 3 – Motivation/Inspiration and a chap called Wudugast”

  1. Just listened to ep 3. while I sit here painting a half naked female (don’t really know what to add to that).

    Good stuff, but if I was a drinker I think I could run a really good drinking game if I took a shot every time you said “so yeah”, might be a bit pi**ed by the end though🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 🤪🤢🤮

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Wow, mate – I have to say that’s some ludicrously high praise! Not that I didn’t enjoy it I hasten to add, I could listen to people talk about how great I am all day long 😉 Nice to be mentioned in the same breath as Henry Cavill as well, that doesn’t happen to me nearly often enough! Also have to say I’m really enjoying the format and style of the show (and I’m sure that will continue even when you’re not praising me) – keep up the good work dude!

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  3. Excellent–finally found time to listen to this. I laughed out loud at the “Luke, just admit you’ve got a hobby-man-crush” bit and overall found it very interesting. Converting used to be my favourite part of the hobby, including on all-metal models!, but I’ve found as I have less time to do hobby stuff I enjoy painting more these days, and I don’t really look forward to putting models together or converting them… never really thought about it until I listened to this podcast though…

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    1. I know that Alex is a keen lead/metal converter but I just don’t have the Oriente for it. Plastic is easy to work with and so much more versatile in my opinion. I’ve even melted bits and bobs in the past haha. Thanks for listening mate

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