HellGate – Part 2

In HellGate there are many loners. Some by choice, others by circumstance.

Boone Helm is by both. 


Killing is in Boone Helms blood as his late father was The Lord of Hate and bringer of death to the Black Maze Valley.

Boone Helm resides in a hidden cave a few miles out of HellGate but is often seen wondering the streets or skulking in the corner of “Dead Saloon”.

Most avoid him, few liaise with him and no one dares cross him.

Boone Helm has a black aura and a strong threat of impending violence clings to him like flesh to the bone.

Despite his hulking size and insatiable thirst for ale, he is agile and sharp of mind.

Boone Helm is so feared, mothers sing a song to their mischievous weans to scare them into behaving.

Be quick to sleep, 

Be quick to dream, 

Or Old Boone Helm,

Will make you scream.

Be kind to your kin,

Listen to your mother, 

For if you don’t,

Boone Helm will get ya.

I’m not 100% sure where all this HellGate stuff is heading haha but I’m enjoying myself. I hope you’re liking it too.




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