HellGate – Part 4 – The Bell Father

Two years ago I got my hands on the new, at the time, Necromunda Cawdor kit.

I quickly built all of them with some head swaps plus a few arms and weapon changes too.

The most heavily converted model was one, I called…

The Bell Father Luciene Calcare


Actually, I only used a pair of legs from the Cawdor kit for The Bell Father but I also strapped a giant bell to him.

I think he fits in to the HellGate project rather well.

The Bell Father, and his cronies, are in charge of the HellBell Chapel in HellGate.

He was fun to paint and, believe it or not, it’s the first time I played with a wet palette. Went well.

I also painted my first two models for my Rorke’s Drift project but more on them soon as I still need to base them.

Today, when I took a break from painting, I watched a few docos on Toy Soldiers on YouTube and then found this.

Fascinating and WOW what a collection!

I hope you’re all doing ok and keeping well and safe.




33 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 4 – The Bell Father”

  1. He’s come out looking excellent, the paintjob suits him and the combination of the Skaven warlord upper body with the Cawdor lower body works really well. Bet the poor bloke has a splitting headache all the time though!

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    1. I think he has the headache from all the bad jokes slung his way haha. Thanks Wudu. I’m pleased with how he turned out. He took longer than expected to punt but, I think, it’s because I’m taking more care these days as I slooooooowly get better.

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  2. Hi IRO, nice work on the Bell master, he reminds me of the guy from “The hills have eyes”, very creepy looking. Working with a wet pallet, I suggest more regular toilet breaks, playing with it, I really don’t recommend!

    Seriously though I like work wet in wet myself sometimes, you have to be reasonably quick but you can get some great results, as you show.

    Interesting video, brought back memories of a few years back when I went to a local auction of model railway stuff, and a chap there said to me “Sad to think someone has spent years building up this collection and now his kids are just flogging it off!”. Question is what do you do with it once you’re gone? Hmmm might be the subject of a future “What if..Wednesday”.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Haha the wet palette worked better than expected. Following Tabletop Minions (that’s on YouTube) advice I wet some hand towel paper and used that. You can keep it like that for hours. Glad you like the mini mate, he was fun to paint. I always tell my family to sell off my miniatures when I’m dead and gone. The middle daughter says she will keep my favourites though. That kid will be getting everything I won haha.


  3. “The bell rings loud and hauntingly like a rusted metal scraping on stone. An announcement of sorts to ears of mortals who cower in fear for what is about to come. The vessel who bears the bell lumbers out from the darkness, twisted, possessed, corrupted and hungry. A man of no soul who foolishly sold his independence to a life trapped to the whims of his creators who tinker the flesh of Mortal stock. Like miniatures being assembled, the masters build better stock with all manner of parts and enhancements, twisted and horrifying all the same. They made The Bell Father the herald of the coming, the music that would drone into the skulls of the weak to induce heightening fear and hysteria. The creators like their fresh stock full of fear as it makes the process of altering much more ripe and delicious.

    He calls out now as the ground cracks and fissures with hellish red hellish light, he screams out his lungs announcing the demons arrival with tormented fits of rage. His bell rings louder and harsher now. It’s here….

    The bells of hell my child, pray you never hear it, for if you hear its tune……well…….. best pray the Demons don’t drag your corpse back down to the underworld”.

    For some reason that’s what I’d imagine The Bell Father would do. I think I’ve been reading too much stuff on Daemons……

    Another awesome kitbash IRO! 🙂

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    1. Haha awww mate. I have an idea then. When death is near (another thirty odd years yet) just send it all over to me. At least I’ll get to admire it up close for another twenty years or so. 👍🏼 Glad you like the Bell Father. He’s a grumpy old git but still rather likeable. 😉

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  4. Nice conversion, though I imagine his neck muscles would be quite strong too!

    Nice on the paint and interested in hearing your take on the wet palette experience – maybe put that on your podcast? I’ve never done that.

    Really nice though – great effects.

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    1. Thanks Mark. Yeah I’ll be doing a tips n tricks episode down the track. Haha the way the bell is strapped to him would be putting more stress on his shoulders I’d say but with the weight of that bell I’d say his whole body would be aching. Luckily he’s an evil bastard so I don’t feel sorry for him at all.


    1. Cheers man. Red is my second favourite colour after black (yes I know black isn’t a colour but mehh) so I like working with it. That’s a good thing as I have a shit load of red coats to paint for the Rorke’s project haha.

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  5. Great work on this guy. The posing works really well as do the colour choices. He looks like he belongs on the cover of a metal album in that pic.
    I skipped through a bit of the doco. Quite a collection of models, though somehow every single living person in it comes across as part of a collection of giant douchebags…

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