Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast – Episodes 5 and 6

Hi guys

I’m releasing two episodes of the podcast every week now. One on Fridays and one on Mondays.

I’ve had quite a nice response so far which has been really cool.

In episode five I talk a little about the history of wargaming and my approach to it. Plus I do a hobby spotlight on Ana Polanscak from Gardens of Hecate.

In episode six I chat about conversions and kitbashing and my spotlight is on the Weir Brothers from Between the bolter and me (blog) and Dragged into turbo lasers (Podcast). Cool dudes.

Here’s the link to the episodes on Spotify but please note that they’re on Apple Podcast, anchor and several others too.



11 thoughts on “Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast – Episodes 5 and 6”

  1. Hi IRO, just listened to ep 6, cant get to ep 5 as spotify want me to subscribe and I don’t do that sort of thing (my PC is a temple and all).

    ep 6 was a good listen, I notice you’ve cut down on the “so yeah’s”, good work.

    Oh did notice the “advert?” have way through for “Fly on the Wall”, good subliminal stuff there mate 🤐

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Hahaha yes my Co-Host on the Fly podcast let me know and I have fixed it. You can listen via Apple Podcasts. Or on Anchor Podcasts. You just need to sign up with an email and password. No costs involved.


  2. Good stuff. I used to be a bit of a converting snob and look-down on mere kit-bashing, though once you get into it it’s hard to draw the line between what counts as what. In the end as long as everyone’s having fun; good on them. Good plug to the Weir brothers: true hobby legends and very generous people. Their podcast was the only hobby podcast I could find for years (all the rest were just about 40k tournaments—boring!!). If you’re spotlighting 2 hobbyists per week though, how long before you run out?!😅

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  3. Looks interesting. I’m going to start on your podcasts but my OCD means I need to finish going through your Youtube videos first (which I started again from #1 last weekend.) I even started writing a post in response to one of them. Which I may get around to finishing sometime. 😉

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