HellGate – Part 3 – Boone Helm

Whoops! I was so excited to show you the Bell Father in Part 4 of my HellGate project that I accidentally skipped part 3 haha.

I need to slow down but nahhhh… Life’s too short to slow down.

The Dust Settlers are a murderous, thieving, slightly unhinged, merciless gang who have set up shop in the town of HellGate.

They’re hired guns, so being easy to find is key. If you need someone dead ASAP they’re your go-to guys.

Boone Helm leads the rowdy Dust Settlers and is like a one man army. Fierce and unstoppable.


As well as a leader of a villainous gang Boone Helm is a rag-n-bone merchant. He collects just about everything and anything he can find and is always willing to sell and trade. If his business dealings fail don’t be surprised if he cuts down his customer and turns him into “sweet meats”.






41 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 3 – Boone Helm”

  1. No I love that guy, where did you get the head from is it a GW item?

    Funny that you were only talking about oversized weapons on you pod cast the other day, I think that revolver counts! Looks the business though!

    Oh and top work on the genestealers head too.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Haha I thought the same thing but it kinda works for this guy. I can’t remember where the head came from but I added the hat (from Wild West Exodus). I added the eye patch from just a bit of plastic and the antlers were from a nurgle kit.

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  2. Nice one! You know how I hate seeing a space marine shoulderpad on something that isn’t a space marine but this really is the exception that proves the rule – it really works to sell the idea that this is a collector, a magpie who’ll swipe anything and add it to his collection. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the gang!

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  3. You need to figure out which parts of painting you enjoy the most and which parts you want to improve on the most.
    Then farm out the other bits to your daughters in exchange for their allowance! 😉

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