HellGate – Part 5 – The Eternal Scourge

I’ve been quite busy lately but I have been chipping away at my HellGate project.

There’s a few things I’m really enjoying about this project.

  1. There are no rules. That’s a BIG one for me.
  2. There is no limit in regards to size and vision of this project.
  3.  The aesthetic is unique, well for me at least. Very dark and burning hot landscape.
  4.  There are quite a few ideas for this project. From trains and cemetery’s to Kingdoms and Warbands.

It’s really quite limitless.

Today I wanted to show you a few models I’ve built from, mostly, Warcry (GW) bits for a Warband called “The Eternal Scourge.”

First we have the leader…



He was fairly easy to build and, to my eye, he looks like he has leadership qualities. Nothing quite says “leader” like pointing a gun in the air and snarling. Plus a nice cloak helps too.

Next is…



He was fun because he’s a combination of several different base models from GW’s range. I’m also loving his gun as, it too, is a combination of different weapon bits.



Despite the simplicity of his look he was actually a little fiddly to put together. The Warcry kits are great but they are not designed for kitbashers and converters. Ideally I like my kits to be made up of completely separate bits. i.e separate legs, torsos, heads, weapons etc. However I like a challenge so getting his stance just right was quite an achievement albeit a miniature one hehe.

Last we have…



Fairly straight forward kitbash. I love his helmet/mask.

I made this little video and the music/sounds too for my HellGate project.

In other news you can find episodes 9 and 10 of Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast on most platforms now.

In episode 9 I discuss SHAME in our beloved hobby. The Hobby Spotlight is on our very own TIM aka The Imperfect Modeller.

In episode 10 I talk about world building. The Hobby Spotlight is on Mid Winter Minis who has an awesome YouTube channel and can, also, be found on Instagram.



38 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 5 – The Eternal Scourge”

  1. I just listened to episode 9. I totally agree with the shame stuff. The pile of unpainted minis is a given for almost every hobbyist, but the reveal to friends and loved ones of what exactly your hobby is all about is such an unfortunate part of gaming it sometimes stops a lot of people from continuing on with the hobby out of embarrassment. I have personally had a few relationships where I kept the hobby secret from girlfriends out of fear of them not understanding.

    Let me throw one additional aspect of shame out there in regards to hobby – the shame of not being good enough. With the internet presence of so many hobbyists showing off what they can do, it can be a real intimidation factor for new players to want to show their work in the harsh light of truly masterful painters and modellers online. The good thing is that the community as a whole is remarkably supportive of one another, but it’;s a huge jump for a lot of people to throw their work out there for scrutiny.

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    1. That’s very, very true mate. I know that, for myself, I was quite tentative, in the beginning, to show my stuff on this blog. I also thought gamers wouldn’t be interested in my work because I don’t really game. The community is great though. Very encouraging and supportive. Thanks for listening.

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  2. Loving the figures very cool and I think everyone you have done so far fits with your theme as I see it. I do hope you get around to painting some though even if all you do is just undercoat them and give them a HellGate red wash. Aiming to listen to episode 9 of your podcast. I figure it must be a good one as it features me! 🤣🤣 I hope you’ve been gentle!

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      1. Well I must say I was rather taken a back by episode 9. Obviously it was amazing but I did have trouble recognising myself! Where to start?

        I never set out when I started my blog to inspire anyone, couldn’t have been further from my mind but a couple of people, yourself included, have used the word recently and it is very flattering. The more I think about it the more I think it is possibly the nicest tribute a modeller can say to another modeller so thank you very much for that.

        Another thing which struck me was that I never considered that I had a style to my work. Wudugast mentioned this in painting terms recently too which got me thinking. Without ever realising it I guess I do have one which I found interesting.

        Glad you like what I do IRO. I love your infectious enthusiasm and the fun you bring to the hobby. Your style is to say the least wonderfully unique, something which I think is very important to you. Happy to have you as a hobby son and look forward to meeting up one day for that beer (or eight!).

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      2. Haha, I’ll send you a signed photo. Have you got a Hobby Dad T-Shirt yet?

        What I forgot to mention was that I enjoyed the ‘Shame’ topic which you started with. I could relate to everything you said, I reckon most of us can for that matter.

        Neither of my kids have taken much notice of what I do, I think they are embarrased but two things happened which have gained some respect from my daughter (my son is still to cool). The first was coming back with a gold medal from the nationals last year and more recently that I sold a figure for £50.00/Aus $100.00. She now feels that she can hold her head up! 🤣🤣

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      3. Maybe she’s just realising that a dad with cash is better than a dad with a dorky hobby haha. My kids take no real interest in what I do either hehe. The wife sometimes asks “so who’s this little guy?” I’ll sigh and say, “excuse me he’s a triumphant mutant hero, thank you very much.”

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  3. Great photos and lovely kitbashes. I’m very impressed with the Hellgate project and the whole panorama of work that has gone into it, and I highly encourage more on the project and for you to finish painting these beauties.

    As for the episode on shame, I have none. I only wish I had not missed out on many years of the hobby, but he’ll, I’m very back.

    Hope you can get a live interview with TIM. (And others).

    Episode 10 was Aztec listening today (as was FOTW death). World building is definitely fun – and you know I get into that for all my stuff. So we are sympatico! When I run a game, I want the players to say WOW. I know you feel the same.

    Keep the good stuff coming!

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  4. Nice nice – I like the way these are coming together (they do need some paint though!) Salos especially stands out to me, I know exactly how difficult that will have been to put together but the result works really well and looks very natural. I’m behind on my podcast listening I’m afraid (something else to feel hobby SHAME over?!) – hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch up at the weekend.

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    1. I had a feeling you’d like/appreciate Salos the most. Thanks man, I’m just putting the finishing touches on another warband for HellGate. I think you’ll like em. No worries Re the Podcast mate. I’m releasing two per week now. I hope you like them.

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  5. F….. mate I asked the young’un to show me how to listen to your Pods finally ,but every time I ask she’s of to the boyfriends for a few days now that they don’t have jobs !! I cant wait to hear Dave as I’m wondering if his accent is the same as the one I have built up in my head over the years!

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    1. I haven’t interviewed TIM yet matey, but I did interview Classic40k aka Warburton. I did a hobby spotlight on Dave though, as in talked about his work. Hope you can have a listen soon. If you need any help, let me know.

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      1. Thanks mate , since Tech Adviser left I surrounded by simpletons , complaining about the youngun not being available the old girl reckoned she could help, no the battery is flat so you will have to wait! I was just wondering if you could just write it down on paper and post it out to old gits like myself ! Cheers mate ! Looking forward to getting Tech Advisor back for a visit .

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  6. Looking good mate, i found rage same with the Beastgrave miniatures. They only go one way. I do like a bit of flexibility in my miniatures. I evidently need to catch up with the ol’ podcasts.

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