HellGate – Part 8 – Eteranl Scourge Combatants

I’m really pleased with two combatants I painted tonight for the Eternal Scourge Warband. So, instead of waiting until the whole band is complete, I felt like sharing now hehe.

To be honest I was a little apprehensive about painting these because they’re smaller in scale, sort of thinner, and have lots of details.

However, as soon as I started painting on the base colours I really started to enjoy myself. They were actually a whole lot of fun to do. I was only going to do one tonight but managed to finish two.

So here they are.


I was a bit heavy on the photo editing tonight to try and set a mood but when I complete the warband I’ll keep things lighter.


I did a very basic freehand design on his shoulder armour. It was more for just trying something different than anything else. Went ok I guess.


The podcast is travelling along quite well with, almost 500 listens now. Tomorrow’s episode (15) is all about photography for our beloved hobby and the hobby spotlight is on our very own Alex from Leadballoony 😊

That’s all for tonight gang.

I hope you’re all well and that life is getting back to normal for you.



37 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 8 – Eteranl Scourge Combatants”

  1. Crikey, I’ve never even listened to a pod cast before, and now I’m the subject of one? Strange world 😂
    Lovely work on these two mate – grim and gritty, just as it should be 😊

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  2. Just listened to episode 15 of the podcast. Very good and enjoyed yout take on Alex. I can’t foresee any libel action with that one! I’m no photographer but not sure if the term you were struggling for was the law of thirds? If it was fine, if not you might want to check it out. I apply the same priciples when I compose some of my dioramas.

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  3. So applying the photo skills you described in the podcast eh! Well David Bailey, both the figs and photos look great, I really think you have this dirty, grimy, horrific look down……but I’d like to see you tackle “My Little Pony” in 28mm (and yes you can get them!) 🐴🦄🦓

    Love the pod cast, but you need more guests!! otherwise it’s just that Aussie idiot talking! 😁😁

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. With three daughters and a wife I have plenty of girly things in my world so I don’t need more in my miniature world thanks hehe. I keep trying to fire that Aussie bloke but the fans adore him which makes it tricky.

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  4. Grim…and dark…and creepy….yup, that’s Hellgate in my mind. Glad to see your painting take on these, and really liked the freehand. I feared it and now (as you will hopefully shortly see) have embraced it to a degree. Nice to see the progress and I’ll be listening to more of the podcasts, like the one on Alex today. Cheers mate!

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