HellGate – Part 15 -More Head Hunters into the fold.

Hi gang,

Things were a little quiet on the hobby front this week due to a busy week with work. However, I finished work early on the Friday and managed to squeeze in several hours of hobby time.

Im rather pleased with these two additions to the Head Hunters.

With the first one, I was concerned about the Mohawk. It’s quite the flat, limited in detail, bit of plastic but with some careful dry brushing with my new fine tip Army Painter brushes I managed to make it look like hair.

Im happy with his face despite the fact there’s not much in the way of an eye.

The gun arm was fun to paint and proved to be quite straight forward.

The blade on the sword isn’t quite right but passable to my eye.

Overall I’m happy with this chap and think he’s a worthy addition to the crew.


Now the second Head Hunter has a bit more going on but I think he’s my favourite out of these two. Maybe even my favourite out of all the painted models in this group thus far.

Hes an older, veteran, type warrior who isn’t quite leadership quality but is looked up to due to his years of experience.

I tried hard with the hair and beard as I was going for salt and pepper. Came up ok I think.

Im happy with his armour including the mini shield thing on his chest. I did a freehand Jolly Roger in black and then chipped it. I couldn’t think of any other design and I figure the Head Hunters are sort of like land pirates.

Im particularly happy with his axe. I was going for a blue gradient but wanted the axe head to be almost glowing. I guess like a power axe. It’s not perfect but I’m happy with what I achieved.

I like all the skulls he has including the ones jammed up around his jet pack. I think the amount of skulls plus the grey hair really gives him a veteran vibe.


I wanted to say thanks to the response to my last post on the Head Hunters. You guys seem to really like these ones and that only serves to inspire me.

Thanks for the suggestions on markings and things too. I decided to experiment with “stamping”.

On my first attempt I painted a small skull on my finger and pressed it onto the shoulder pad. It was a complete fail.

Then I painted the same image onto the eraser but on the end of a pencil and stamped that onto the shoulder pad. The results weren’t amazing and maybe I should have gone with a bone colour but it gives a little extra in my opinion.


I tried a little freehand on this pad and sort of like the fact it’s so faded you can’t really tell what it is.

I also figured out the base scheme and tackled all six models. Obviously they all need to tie in with the HellGate aesthetic hence why I’ve gone for red, orange, burnt and dusty. I was concerned the base would be too similar to the model but I think there’s just enough contrast.

Here’s a mini-group shot of the six finished Head Hunters.




PS… I like that I’ve used the words “thus” and “hence” in this post haha. I’m quite the Shakespearian it seems haha. NOT.

PPS. Malus -06 will be released very soon.


28 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 15 -More Head Hunters into the fold.”

  1. Verily they doth seems to be progressing in quite the most meritus fashion, henchforth thou’ wilst be reffered to as a most skillful artizan.

    Right bugger that I cant keep that nonsense up, where do you get all those skulls from? have you got a load of headless skeletons somewhere?

    Also I apologise for the comment in my Email about the time it took you to paint your knife sheaths I hadn’t realised that there were multiple ones on some of the figures! 😉

    The stamping looks pretty good too.

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Awesome mate. Really nice to see these painted. The time you are putting into the painting is really paying off. The quality of the conversions and kit bashes warrant a good finish. Going a little slower is paying dividends in my opnion. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cool post! It was interesting reading about your experiments with stamping. For a moment, I was going to ask if you’ve ever tried using paint markers since they might be easier but then I remembered just how small these guys are and realized that wouldn’t work. The amount of detail you squeeze into these guys always blows my mind when I remember just how tiny they are.
    I really love the big horn things sticking up off the older, veteran, type’s shoulders. Makes me think if he finds himself without one of his weapons he could just charge into his foes and impale them with the horns! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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