OTP Terrain Part 1 – The Train.

Ok, trying this new editor thing again. In the comments of my last post people mentioned switching to “Classic” but when I went down that Rabbit Hole it lead me to trying to make me upgrade to a business account for $380 a year. WTF? Hahaha No thanks.

Alright, enough moaning…

OTP Terrain are an amazing 3D terrain printing company based in Perth Western Australia. I featured them on my Podcast on episode 19.

I wanted to do a post to show you just how goo their gear is. It was fun getting everything out and having a proper look because, even though I’ve had the pieces for a while, I hadn’t had the chance to set them up on the table.

First lets look at the Train. It’s soooooooo good.

As you can see it consists of the main engine, a personnel carrier, a swivel canon and then two, flat-bed, carriages which could hold troops or cargo/ammo.

Lets have a closer look at that highly detailed Engine. So cool and such an awesome Gothic-type design. Lots of pipes, pistons and rivets galore.

As you can see I haven’t cleaned it up yet so there is a little cobweb/thread from the printing process but no flash!

In the next picture I’ve used one of my Planetary Force dudes to show the scale. It’s big but perfect in scale in my opinion.

The straight tracks came with it and I also got some curved ones too (No pictures).

The underneath is flat so you need to attach/glue the wheels on.

Here are some pix of the other carriages.

How cool is that Canon?!

Can you see the little connectors between the carriages? They don’t actually connect, unless you glued them but I wouldn’t recommend that. It’s better to keep everything separate. Same applies to the tracks. Everything is very light though so could easily be knocked askew. I’m considering weighting down the carriages with washers or something underneath the carriages. Not sure what I’ll do for the tracks.

I was going to show you all the tarrain goodies in one big post but the “uploading image” part to this new editor thing is doing my head in so I’ll now show you over several posts. Otherwise I’m going to put my fist through the laptop screen.


21 thoughts on “OTP Terrain Part 1 – The Train.”

  1. Growing more worried about the editor with every post! That train looks fantastic. I will check the site out again as I’m sure I took a look at after listening to your podcast. I think Alex’s tip to base on MDF is a sound one. 😊


  2. That train is ace, perfect for any dystopian/industrial sci-fi. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. For the little connectors between the carriages how about magnets? That should hold them together when you need them to, but you can still separate them easily. Been thinking about making a train myself, following the video that Duncan Rhodes put up. I’ve got most of the bits I need for it – another one to add to the list!

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