OTP Terrain Part 4 – The Wizards Ruins

G’day gang,

Yet another post for you to have a closer look at some of OTP’s amazing 3D printed Terrain for tabletop wargaming. These guys should be paying me I reckon for the amount of love and exposure I’m giving their products haha.

Righteo, today we have The Wizards Ruin. I think this might be discontinued now as it was acquired during one of their sales.

This is one big solid piece and the detailing is amazing.

Just look at those stones, the rafters and that broken door. So cool.


Every self respecting wizard needs a tower but unfortunately this one looks like a bomb has hit it. Makes me wonder why the wizard didn’t use his magic powers to fix it. Hmmm? Maybe he’s dead. How nice does it look though? Sure, I wouldn’t want to live there but it’d be a great place to hang out. Oops I just spotted some packing foam still lodged inside the tower haha.


I’m glad it’s a terracotta tiled roof as opposed to shingles like on the Lake House. A nice point of difference I reckon. I like the big slash through the door. Maybe I was wrong before, maybe it wasn’t a bomb that hit this old building… MAYBE IT WAS A MONSTER of some description.


Here are a couple of closeup shots for you.


Pretty cool huh?

One negative though is, because it’s one big piece it’s going to be a bastard to paint the inside sections of it. I’ll probably go down the base and dry brush path I’d say.

However, I really do like this piece and I am looking forward to painting it.

That’s all for today folks.





20 thoughts on “OTP Terrain Part 4 – The Wizards Ruins”

  1. I reckon either it was a magical experiment gone wrong and the wizard blew the place to smithereens with himself in it, or it’s a glamour, he’s made the place look like a ruin so no-one bothers with it and meanwhile he’s nice and comfy inside. Either way it’s a great piece, going to look fantastic when it’s painted 🙂

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  2. Nice! This is going to look great all painted up. I like the dilapidated look of it. 🙂 Haha and good point about a wizard not being able to fix it up. Mayyyybe the wizard put some sort of anti-glamor spell on it and it’s actually really nice but just LOOKS to be in ruin to outsiders. Or he got gobbled up or blown to bits. Haha 😛

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