OTP Terrain Part 7 – The Pipe Organ

The oldest pipe organ, still in use, today is one in Switzerland built around 1435.

I think pipe organs are pretty cool and, for me, make me think of creepy old horror movies. Check this piece of Organ Music out and you’ll see what I mean.

They’re also visually stunning, some can be two stories high while others can be a small desk-like design.

The Organ below is MASSIVE and is in the Sydney Town Hall here in Australia.


It’s actually quite beautiful.

The Pipe Organ from OTP isn’t quite as big but it is creepy so lets have a look.


Love those skulls and the agonised expressions of those faces above the devil or demon looking face.

It’s going to be quite fun to paint I reckon. I’m thinking bone coloured pipes, because in my mind they are hollowed out bones. For the rest I’m thinking Reda nd Black.

What I’d like from you guys though is a name suggestion?

PUNS welcome to of course haha. IRO’s Boney Organ maybe? Haha.

That’s it for this one though gang.




20 thoughts on “OTP Terrain Part 7 – The Pipe Organ”

  1. I could see that rising up out of the floor at the cinema before the main feature (a horror film of course!) starts, and no I am not old enough to remember them!!

    Nice piece, and the printing looks clearer than on some of the other pieces too.

    How about the “Summoner of lost souls” for a name?

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. I must admit, when I clicked on your blog there I wasn’t prepared for a picture of you holding your enormous organ. It’s certainly impressive – I could see it looking cool on top of an Imperial/Chaos Knight, one allied to either the Sisters of Battle or the Emperor’s Children. The Hell Gate terrain collection is starting to come together nicely with all these pieces, it’s going to look awesome when you put it all together 🙂

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    1. Haha thanks, it’s not as big as some but it fits in my hand nicely haha. I’m not overly fond of Knights in general although your one has made me look at them in a whole new way. I think my love of dioramas and world building is why HellGate is working for me. It’s very slowly coming together on my mind and physically.

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  3. Really cool post! 🙂 I like the organ music you included and facts/bit o’ history.
    Love the idea of making the pipes hollowed out bone.
    This post makes me want to play Banjo-Kazooie on the N64! 😛 The Haunted Mansion level has a giant pipe organ that is played by ghostly hands that you have to run around on and play music on by running and jumping on the keys.

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    1. Hahaha I don’t know the game but guess what, I’m getting something called a Raspberry Pie which you can upload 100’s of old school games like Sonic, Street Fighter, Mario Kart and PacMan. We are doing Christmas in AUGUST this year (instead of July) and will get it as a family present.

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