Q: How many Incredible Hulks can you squeeze into a Mini?

A: None because he has already smashed it by landing on top of it.

Do you guys remember when I made that “Battle Of Britain” Diorama for my mate Warrens birthday?

Well I made another diorama for my friend Glenn’s birthday.


I’m quite happy with him, I just hope Glenn is. The Incredible Hulk is his favourite comic book character.


The most nervous part was smashing the car with a rubber mallet haha. It had to look just right. Quite a skill to smash a toy car with a hammer so it looks like a miniature version of the Incredible Hulk has just jumped on it I’d say haha.




PS – Still more OTP terrain posts to come but I thought I’d take a little break.

15 thoughts on “Q: How many Incredible Hulks can you squeeze into a Mini?”

  1. Nice stuff Luke, who makes that Hulk figure? is it one of the “Knight models” ones?

    Like the smashed Mini, now if only we could do that to all those horrible BMW “fake” mini’s the world would be a better (and less posey) place!

    Cheers Roger.

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