OTP Terrain Part 8 -Stone Hut

It’s a dream of mine to, one day, find a quiet bit of land, away from people, and build my own Tiny House (No not 28mm scale, actual human scale) and live, semi-self-sufficient. I think saying goodbye to so much “stuff” minimising and keeping life simple would be a dream come true. Solar and wind power, veggie/fruit patches, chickens and even a goat.


Until then I’ll show you another tiny house (28mm scale).

It’s the Stone Hut from OTP Terrain.


How cool huh? I’d live in it in a heartbeat, if it was slightly bigger hehe.

This was the very piece I obtained from OTP as a test to see how goo their products and, honestly, I couldn’t fault it. It slots together nicely and the print lines are minimal.



17 thoughts on “OTP Terrain Part 8 -Stone Hut”

  1. That is a very nice piece, and would work in so many different settings, post apoc, fantasy dark age , you could even see teens sheltering in there from Bigfoot or Jason!

    But you need to paint some of this stuff mate! We need colour in our lives (even if a lot of it is blood red!).

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Another great piece mate, and yeah I can see you up in the central goldfields area living that life and in that little cottage because when I was a little tacker in the fifties dad would drive us from flat NSW plains to Melbourne and when we passed through this area there were old derelict houses just like your little fellow you have just shown us. Maybe that area is waiting for new pioneers like you and your good wife to resurrect it to its former glory eh!!

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