OTP Terrain Part 9 -The Octagon platforms.

Ok we are nearly at the finish line with the OTP Terrain posts so hang in there hehe.

Some of you have mentioned how you can’t wait to see some paint on the pieces and believe me I’m looking forward to getting stuck. I’m especially looking forward to painting the Lake House, The Fishing Boat and the Organ.


To itch that need to see something painted the next two (final two) OTP Terrain posts are of some Pre-Painted pieces I picked up during their sale.

Lets look at the Octagon Platforms which is modular and fun to play around with setups.

In the set I got several solid Octagon shaped platforms and ones with a big hole in the middle. Painted in a metallic rust scheme which is perfect for me.


They’re good solid pieces.


Four upright sections. Note the little knobs on the surfaces which are for attaching the octagon plates.


I like the simple colour scheme on the uprights and the scratching looks good too. One thing I did notice is that you can see the print lines, especially on that cog thing on the green upright below.


I also received a set of steps and a whole bunch of ladders, boxes and scaffolding type fixtures. (There are more than what is pictured).


Here is a picture of one of the setups you can achieve. As I said, it’s modular so there are a myriad of different configurations that you can do.


I think this will work quite well with Sci-Fi games but it will mainly be for my HellGate project. Maybe some Techno Barbarians could use it as a base.

One more post to go on the OTP Terrain (For now, I do have more pieces coming that are being printed as we speak) and it’s another big one. In fact it’s HUGE.



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