OTP Terrain Part 10 – The Crane

This next terrain piece is the biggest out of the collection and is also pre-painted.

As I put it together I was blown away by its size. Can you see the tiny, tiny miniature? Haha.


Quite a nice bit of kit and the paint job is similar to what I would have done although I think I’ll add a bit of spot colour. I think it’ll work well in HellGate. I can see it in some derelict and abandoned industrial section.

That concludes my OTP Terrain showcase for now as I’m still waiting on a few pieces.

My next post will be a little different and I’m quite excited to show you what I’ve been painting. Just need to do some basing and then take some snaps.

I hope you’re all well. Masks are compulsory as of Thursday here in my neck of the woods. Overnight there were another 360 confirmed cases of coronavirus and this all stems from the complacency of people. Sigh…

My family and I roll wit the punches but it is frustrating. Just yesterday I saw a bunch of idiots (15 – 20 people) playing cricket.




24 thoughts on “OTP Terrain Part 10 – The Crane”

      1. Ha Ha I was just saying to Dave 2718 up in central Vic that I wonder why I try to make mine light when its the size that’s the storage problem not the weight!!

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  1. That’s a huge bit of kit mate, they have got a nice rusty finish on it to be honest, you’re going to need a bigger table at this rate!

    In my opinion anyone who plays cricket anytime deserves all they get! most boring sport in the world! But yes sadly the world is full of complacent idiots, many of them are sadly are running the countries (Brazil, America, Britain……)!

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. I agree, I think people are really showing a lot about their core character with how they handle themselves during all of this. It’s like, you’re aware that there are a lot of stupid/selfish people in the world, but this just kind of magnifies it because their stupidity is affecting and literally killing others. 😦

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  3. To paraphrase Roy Scheider in “Jaws”, you’re gonna need a bigger fungeon.

    As for the virus, it’s likely mutated to get a higher transmissibility factor. The good news is that death rates are far lower than before. Still, it’s a shit show. Stay safe.

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  4. Very nice crane, mate! Looks like a 3d print? And does it come apart for storage?
    As for the fuckheads – there’s way too many of them about. Down here in Melb and now that pair of twit girls up in QLD have just done their best to kick it off up there. We need the weak politicians to grow a spine and implement/maintain a proper lockdown until we can get to the point of NZ rather than bleating about opening up again too quickly.

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