Bolt Action ’48 – Part 1 – Dundee’s Devils.

I’ve had Bolt Action minis in my collection since early 2017 and I haven’t painted a single one until now haha.

Why now suddenly? Well, two reasons really. I watched the movie Kokoda and felt inspired but lately I’ve been feeling like painting something different.

So I dug out my Aussie Bolt Action boxes and blister packs and settled on the Australian Jungle Division Infantry Section.

Then I did some research on Aussies during WW2 and felt a real sense of pride. Some of you know I was born in England but I became an Australian citizen when I was seventeen so I consider myself an Australian with a weird accent haha.

Aussies are known for their toughness and courage under fire so to kick off my Bolt Action project (finally) I’m starting with my own countrymen.

I’m calling the project “Bolt Action ’48” because, even though it will be all WW2 units, vehicles and terrain etc, the setting will be 1948. In my universe the War didn’t stop in 1945 because Hitler simply fell back, invaded (Neutral) Switzerland and regrouped ready to strike again. Likewise the bombs that fell on Japan didn’t work at all.

Why am I re-writing history haha? Simply because I want to mix things up.

I want my Aussie Jungle fighters to join up with British Airborne and fight the Germans in France.

I want Germany and Russia to reform an alliance and invade England.

I want the Italians to try and reclaim some honour and take on the Americans in the snowy mountains of Montana haha.

In other words I want to be half historically correct when it comes to uniforms, weapons and tactics but I want to mix up the battlefields and battle groups.

I hope that makes sense.

Ok, back to what I’ve painted.

Dundee’s Devils. (I like the sound of Merill’s Marauders and The Red Devils).

First we have the unit leader NCO Sergeant Mick Dundee with an Owen SMG, machete and iconic hat. His famous catchphrase is “That’s not a knife but this is a machete and I’ll give you a five second head start before I hack you to pieces.”


Next we Darko with his beloved Bren Gun he calls Delihla.


Then we have the Kelly brothers. John, Red, Dan and Jim.


This next chap is Kirkpatrick. (If you know your Australian History you’ll know all about Kirkpatrick and his Donkey).


Then we have Derrick. (One of our many Australian War heroes).


Next we have Smithy.


Lastly we have Max.


They were a lot of fun to paint, despite being quite a simple colour palette BUT they were a bit of a bastard to photograph to be honest and I’m not 100% happy but I think they’re passable. For the outside (in the garden) photos I tried to capture the “Kokoda” vibe. It was dark and wet outside when I took the photos.





44 thoughts on “Bolt Action ’48 – Part 1 – Dundee’s Devils.”

  1. Great stuff. Looking forward to hearing more about this, I will get back to the jungle at some point, probably Nam though. What happens when the cricket or Rugby’s on – do you find yourself torn ..?

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  2. Great stuff mate! made me think of the “Sullivans” TV series for some reason, probably because it was set during the war.

    Strange that “Land of Giants” should be mentioned, I was only thinking about that series this morning, and that somewhere I have a magazine with rules to play LotG using 28mm figures for the humans and 6mm for the crew of the “Spindrift”.

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. Well that was a surprise post, IRO goes normal(ish)! 😉 Bolt action do some great figures and you have done these well mate. Like the photo’s, very atmospheric. Looking forward to where this one goes next. You must have a conversion or two in mind surely? 😊

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  4. For me, this is one of your very best posts. The figures are well done and from my eye quite accurate historically. The project is interesting, though the Italians in Montana would be a stretch – maybe get them into Brazil or Mexico or the Panama Canal? That way you could have the Italian Navy strong enough to support their transport there. And, as an Aussie, you must find a way to get the Sentinel tanks into combat. They were quite the technical accomplishment for Australia in the early war given the industrial footprint of the day. So much fun with this, I’m eager for more! (And btw you could use other rules systems quite easily (like my favorite Combat Patrol which has a website with a lot of historical research on how many nations’ forces were organized and armed).

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    1. Haha the Montana thing was just an example of how BIG my version of WW2 could be. I’m glad you like where I’m going with this. I like the restraints of keeping the minis historical but the freedom of keeping the battles varied and far and wide. I’ve got a Matilda tank coming coming from Warlord but I’ll check out the sentinel. (Cool name)

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      1. Check it out, in the early days when Australia faced possible invasion from Japan yet had no real modern armor, they came up with it. As Valentines and US armor became available it was abandoned as a weapons system, but in short order the Aussies had designed, built, and deployed an indigenous weapon which is not easy to accomplish.

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  5. Great stuff mate glad you got the colour of Micks hat right! good to see a loyal Aussie start with there own troops .You know When I was a little lad,or I should littler I was in the cadets and were armed with 303’s firing those bugger were a nightmare as the kick was pretty harsh on a skinny little kid. It was when we got to fire the Brens it was a different thing as, they sergeant had to hold my little feet as it dragged me forward HaHa !
    Looking forward to seeing more like these mate as it’s more down my alley.

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  6. These look great as well (yeah, I’m working backwards!) Love ’em!
    I think I might have some of these as well, tucked away somewhere with my WWII stuff. You’ve really made me want to go look for them to paint them as well!

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      1. Had a quick look for them last night but no dice. I might have to enlist the help of Marouda, who is expert on losing her own keys and wallet and phone, but also expert on finding miniatures when they disappear….

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