HellGate – Part 18 – Charon and Styx “The Ferrymen”

The main river that runs through HellGate is called The Carion Rill River and the safest way to cross it is by paying the Ferrymen, Charon and Styx.

If you’re with them, marauding river pirates, scavengers and any other gang will leave you be but the Ferrymen expect a hefty fee… a pound of flesh, no more and no less.

Charon is wearing the red and Styx is the ghoul with the Rémo (Oar).


In retrospect I should have put some rope across the logs of the raft to show that they are sashayed together but meh, it’s ok.



31 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 18 – Charon and Styx “The Ferrymen””

  1. I like the fact that this one is rather different. Marks suggestion about twine is a good one and as someone who likes the detail I would have to add it. When you get to repost with images of the raft on the river I’ll look to see that the thing is now being properly held together. 😉

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  2. All things considered, even if they weren’t charging anything, I think I’d rather stay on this side of the river than get into a small boat with those two lads! This is great, I really like Charon. I’m trying to figure out Styx’s arm (the one that’s actually grasping the pole *giggle-giggle* lower down). I recognise those as ghoul arms but have you simply glued the pole into an open ghoul hand or done something more clever (I’m thinking the latter but I’ve not quite worked it out). Looks good anyway 🙂

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