The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard Part 17 – Demolition Man

Hi all,

Continuing to take a very small break from Bolt Action because I found this sneaky fella hiding in my truck haha. As soon as I found him, in one of the cup holders, I knew I had to paint him.

Some of you may recognise him from The Last Chancers released in the 90s by Games Workshop. A very cool collection, one that I’d like to have a complete set of one day.

This bloke is a very nice sculpt and was a joy to paint.

I see him as a quiet and reserved man of few words but who is highly skilled and professional in the art of demolitions and explosives.

Looking at the original box art, just now, I see that great minds think alike when it came to the colour of his pants. Can you spot him at the back?




I hope you like him.

I now have six of the original twelve Last Chancers and have painted four.

In other news my IRO Podcast has nearly hit 1200 listens which is very humbling.

My neck of the woods has gone into stage 4 lockdown. I still get to work as 99% of my gardening/maintenance work is for people in need (Elderly, people with disabilities etc).

The kids are all home and doing well. We are lucky. I am getting more and more frustrated with Anti Maskers and was even confronted by one today who had a go at me for wearing a mask. Go figure.

Stay cool people and, if you’ve been listening and enjoying the IRO podcast, please spread the word. 😉😊



28 thoughts on “The Stouthearted Praetorian Guard Part 17 – Demolition Man”

    1. Thanks Davey. It’s all a bit nuts but I’m just looking after my own. I worry for some of my clients who are classed as “vulnerable” as some of them are a little naive or have neighbours that are anti masking dickheads. Not a lot I can do apart from telling them to be careful.

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    1. Do it man. They’re cool sculpts. With a bit of patience I found the six I have for a pretty good price. The postage was a bit of a Bastard on a couple though. Originally I only wanted Colonel Schaefer but then one thing lead to another and now I have six and want the rest of the crew too hehe. I especially like Brains (who I don’t have). Hahahaha I just realised how bad that sounds. I have no Brains. 😳😂😉

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  1. Very cool and at least we’ll see more stuff from ya – though I’m challenged to keep up as evidenced by this late response to a nice post. Hope you Aussies are spared what we have gone through, but I suspect all of us are not safe yet.

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  2. Jesus, some guy had a go at your for wearing a mask? What a tool. I’ve seen the odd person not bother (and the more comedic ones who get to the shop, release they don’t have a mask and try to improvise one – with varying degrees of success…) but not had anyone have a go at me for wearing one yet. Still there’s nutters out there (we’ve got a flat earth bookshop in town now so why not anti-maskers too right?). Anyway, like what you’ve done with Mr Demolition there (how on earth did he end up in your cupholder? Do you just take emergency miniatures out with you in case you get a craving to paint when you’re out and about?). Well done on the success of the podcast as well, very well deserved.

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      1. Exactly. I looked her up and found her boasting about how she’s immune because she cast a spell on herself to “switch off the programming in her body that allows colds and flu’s to take hold” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Well whoop-de-bloody-do for you hen, now cast it on the rest of us and we can get this plague over and done with, or – as an alternative – put a sock in it you self-righteous, pandemic exploiting, self-aggrandising cow. Of course if I stop posting/commenting from now on its because I’ve been turned into a frog…

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