Bolt Action ‘48 – part 4. The question answered, a decision made and a stone barn/hut.

G’day all,

Thank you all so much for your responses to the question I posed the other day in regards to Nazis and Swastikas for my Bolt Action Project.

It was interesting getting all your points of views and definitely helped in guiding me to my own conclusions and decision.

As it appears that the Swastika wasn’t really used a great deal in combat and was predominantly used with the emergence of the Nazi party in the 1930s, my decision was all the more easier to make.

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t feel overly comfortable about painting the Swastika so, initially, I was thinking to leave it out altogether but I also didn’t want to ignore the fact that it was part of our history.

Therefore my decision is somewhere between.

I’m going to paint the Swastika, just once, on one miniature and that miniature will be Adolf himself. I’ll use the Oswald Mosley miniature from Warlord Games to represent the nasty little cretin. He won’t appear much at all on the battle-table and if/when he does he will more than likely play a very small role. Maybe the allies could use him as target practice.

Once he’s painted I’ll post him on here but not on Instagram. The blog is a more personal and intimate platform in which I feel you guys get to know me and I get to know you. Therefore you’ll know that I’m not a crazy far right wing Nazi fascist. On Instagram it’s different. People just flick through and “like” so seeing a Nazi and Swastika in their feed might just make them see red without knowing the full story.

Thanks again for all your input, it really did help. 👍🏼

Ok now onto something a bit more fun.

Ive painted my first bit of terrain for Bolt Action which I could also use in HellGate or several other settings.

It’s the humble little stone hut/barn from OTP Terrain and I’m quite happy with it.


I undercoated the walls and floor in black and the roof I did in a light terracotta colour.

I then dry brushed the walls and floor with dark grey, then mid grey, light grey and finally a little pallid white. The timber uprights and windows were done with dark brown (with a slight red to tie in with the terracotta) and then dry brushed with a mid and light brown.

The roof I washed, lightly, with Nuln Oil then dry brushed with a pale muddy grey colour. I like the result as it makes the roof look quite weathered.

Then, for a bit of fun, I dabbed in a little blood on the floor and internal doorsteps. Haha.

I can see some print lines but not enough to worry me to be honest.

I can imagine some Aussie Militia taking refuge here before heading back into the steaming Jungles of New Guinea.

Oh look… there’s some now.




31 thoughts on “Bolt Action ‘48 – part 4. The question answered, a decision made and a stone barn/hut.”

  1. I think for your own piece of mind you struck the right balance with you swastika dilema. The building looks very good and the paint job really does it justice. A very nice scenic piece indeed and I am already looking forward to how you handle the others you bought. 😊.

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    1. Yeah, I’m wondering if I was overthinking the whole thing but getting yours and others advice really helped. The hut was quick, easy and fun to do so I’m looking forward to tackling some more pieces from OTP. I think I’ll try my hand at that skull organ thing next.

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  2. Good choice on the swastika issue, and sensible to keep it off Instagram as well. Blogging gives more space for context and explanation, other social media tends a bit towards knee-jerk reactions. I know you’re like me and not really a gamer but old Adolf would be a fine addition to a game, with the Nazi’s trying to protect him from an Allied assassination attempt. Or how about changing things round, the Allies want to capture him alive and use him as a hostage to force the end of the war, whereas the Nazi troops have been sent by one of his rivals to kill him (clearing the way for their boss to take power and turning Hitler into a martyr). Or both sides are trying to off him and the little shit has to sprint from cover to cover with bullets whizzing past his ears!
    Love what you’ve done with the building as well 🙂

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    1. Or how about this twist, you are in command of German Special Para-troops (Fallschirmjäger) and the Allies have capture old Adolf, so these boys have been sent in to rescue him! The rest of the German Army is fighting a diversionary action!

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  3. Lovely work on the Barn mate, you know that would qualify for Dave Stone scenery challenge right? For some reason (I really don’t understand) if I paste his blog link into a comment it wont publish it, you can use the link in my “bloglist” if you want to contact him anyway. 😁

    Probably the best choice Regarding the “S’wank stikka” too tbh, we all know what you are (and you should be thoroughly ashamed!), but a “right wing tosser!” isn’t it. 😉

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. I seriously don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take pics of their minis quite like you do. Maybe, I don’t know. But it’s always impressive to visit your site and see the pics you get.

    The floor on that building has the be the best part. Very nice and a great sort of war torn look, the blood was a nice touch. Normally I just skip the blood, but looks good here. I like your paints on the terrain as well. I always feel like I fail on stonework, maybe it just requires way more patience on my part. Nice work, mate!

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  5. Ha Ha ,keep up the good mate,just said to my good wife that you are a better Aussie than we are ( mine 1850 from Ireland (stop sniggering) /my wife Scotland 1912 ).
    One of the great things I and my mob love is the great mix that we have today and those that want say that all white folk are racist want to have a look in their back yards .
    Hey mate ,I was brought up in outback NSW with what ever you new folk want to call them, we just called them by their names, they were just our mates we didn’t know they needs protected species qualifications, and as I put it to my long term mate ,he said ,Piss of were just like you you wanker!
    Unfortunately my long time mate passed away not long ago (not from Virus) and I couldn’t be there to see him off but I’m sure mate he would have loved to have had great discussions with a true Aussie trooper like yourself .
    Oh ! One forgets ,how did you get to be such an asset to this county! aaah your parents might have had something to do with it ! Please thank them mate ,I’m sure they are happier here than in the shadows of the Scrubs.

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  6. Sorry mate ! got carried away must be that I’m totalled some nights after work ! Love the the cottage ,though now you going to hate me !! they don’t build granite house’s in the tropics unless they are royalty ,
    Hey ok !we will keep it ok!

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    1. Haha I knoooow… I was surprised no one said anything before hehe. It’s a versatile piece so I’ll use it whatever setting but when I set it up for photos I thought the same thing. Sorry to hear about your mate too, that’s horrible. I’ve had a couple of clients pass away from the virus. It’s horrible business. Wear your mask mate and look after yourself.

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