Bolt Action ‘48 – Part 5 -Panzer IV Ausf D

Hello dear readers,

Well, as of now, I have more time on my hands as I am in lockdown for six weeks. As much as this has been a bit of a blow to me and my humble little business I am reminding myself that it’s for a very good reason. I’ll admit that when the COVID-19 started to become a thing I really thought it would blow over in a few weeks. How wrong I was. Since the first lockdown, even though I was able to work, I took it very seriously indeed and have done ever since.

So, as of this past Wednesday, I have been unemployed hehe. On the first day I did home schooling with the little one and spent time with all my girls. On Friday (yesterday) I cleaned all the windows inside and out. Last night I had a few beers and watched horror movies.

Today is a hobby day and I’ve already finished my very first WW2 tank!

It had been sitting (Built) in a box since 2017 so I couldn’t, at first, figure out what it was. So I emailed our friendly Tanker Mark A Morin with images of the mystery tank. Needless to say he pointed me in the right direction immediately and thought it may have been the German Panzer IV F2 or E. As it turns out I ended up finding the box it came in and it turns out Mark was very bloody close as it’s the Panzer IV D. I won’t hold it against him haha because, after all, if he hadn’t of pointed in the right direction I’d be wondering around in the dark splashing blood and gore on zombie miniatures instead of getting stuck into more Bolt Action haha. So a BIG THANKS to our resident Tanker and all round cool dude Marky Mark. 😉

I had a blast painting this tank and I’m excited to paint more. I have a few Sherman’s coming soon which, I’d have to say, are my favourite Allied WW2 tanks. The King Tiger would be my favourite of the Germans and I really like the Soviet KV-2. It looks like the kind of tank I would have drawn as a kid hehe.

I, roughly, followed this tutorial from Pete The Wargamer who has an amazing YouTube Channel.

It was pretty straight forward to pint but fun all the same and only took me about 2.5 hours all up.

The trickiest part was the decals but only because I haven’t don’t a lot of decal work in my time. I’m guessing for this Bolt Action project I’ll be doing a whole lot more. Do you guys just dab a bit of matte varnish over the decals so they don’t shine?

The only little extra flavour I gave it was “Gott Mit Uns” painted on one of the sides.  Translated this means: God With Us.

Ok so without further ado heres my very first WW2 Tank. Im quite pleased with it. 

Panzer IV Ausf D


I have a question; the scale seems a little small compared to the BA troops. Has anyone else noticed that? It’s only slightly out to my eye though.

Stay safe people and, hopefully, after six weeks I’ll be able to get back to work. In the meantime expect lots more from this hobbyist.



38 thoughts on “Bolt Action ‘48 – Part 5 -Panzer IV Ausf D”

  1. Your first Bolt Action tank! Great stuff! 🙂 I usually put gloss varnish on before the decal goes on, gloss varnish after to seal it and then matt varnish over the whole vehicle anyway! I think you’ll find Mark’s closer than you think – it’s certainly not an Ausf D as that would have a stepped driver’s plate. My first guess was an Ausf F2 but the gun has a double-baffle muzzle brake (whereas the F2 would have a single baffle as built) so it look more like an Ausf G to me. Having said all that, early models did get rebuilt and re-armed! Afraid I can’t comment on the size of the vehicle with figures as I’m a dyed-in-the-wool 20mm guy myself!

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  2. Very nice tank mate and very different I think for you, in fact the whole WW2 thing doesn’t seem very IRO but you are off to a great start that is for sure. There has been a lot written about scale and I wont go into it in any depth because there is loads on line and I don’t claim to be that knowledgeable. The problem seems to be that 28mm is not a real scale in ratio terms and thus true scales such as 1/48th etc don’t directly compare (or something like that). A lot of gamers aren’t that concerned from what I gather because their primary goal is the game but for modellers it can be a much bigger deal. It’s why I have never done much with tanks and yhat is my excuse and I am sticking to it! 😉 Sorry to hear about the lockdown but make the most of it for time with the family and modelling. It wont last because the economy wont let it. Hopefuely you are gettiny some money from the government. Missed you on the zoom call last night (UK Time). Stayed up until one in the mornieng and you didn’t show but it was great to pick ip with Dave and Mark. Bit weird seeing Dave having breakfast in Aus, Mark about to go out for the evening and me off to bed! Haha. 😊

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    1. Oh yeahhhhh I forgot all about the Zoom thing. Shit balls. I think I’m enjoying the WW2 project precisely because it’s not the normal thing for me. Good to change things up from time to time. Warlord day their miniatures and vehicles are 1/56 scale but I don’t know? It doesn’t bother me too much because it’s not too different.

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  3. Nice work Luke, scale is an awkward bugger to be honest and more noticeable in 28 than smaller scales (I actually had a similar problem that I mention in this weeks blogpost myself, but enough self advertisement!) , the problem is that vehicles are scaled precisely to the real thing, whereas figures aren’t, the heads are too big, the hands are too, and the they are too wide strangely to look more “normal” on the table, but your average heroic 28mm figure would never fit through a true scale door or fit in a car or tank, so we have to compromise, this is something that annoys me no end, but can do little about. Not being up in GW law I couldn’t say how many Space Marines are supposed to be able to fit into a Rhino, but I imagine there is no way they would in reality, and it’s the same with WW2, you just have to accept that “that would fit in that” even it it wouldn’t.

    Oh and you’re wrong the Jagd Panther is the coolest tank! 😁

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. Very nice indeed mate 🙂 I reckon you’ve got that spot on, weathered but not overly so, a bit of personalisation from the crew to make it look “lived in” as it were, but not so much that it stops looking like a genuine engine of war. Love the pictures too, the last one is particularly clever.
    I’ve never painted a tank before, maybe something I should turn my hand to someday.

    Sorry to hear you’re back in lockdown, is it getting bad again where you are? Every time there’s been a flair up of any disease since I’ve been an adult I’ve taken it seriously – not to the degree of being some paranoid prepper with a bunker – but just keeping an eye on the news in case I needed to be getting a bit of a stock of tins in, that kind of thing. This time I was like “nah, it won’t come to anything, why’s everyone making such a fuss?!” More fool me…

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    1. Cheers man. I’m not a fan of an overly polished and “un-lived in” tank so all my tanks will look a little tatty. I heard a podcast recently talking about model tanks and the dude said tank crews would have been stretched over a barrel if they allowed their machines to look as weathered as modellers make them haha. Victoria has been categorised as a “state of disaster” and stage 4 restrictions are in place. We are allowed to leave the house for one hour a day. Luckily we have a nice big back garden. I’d go nuts if I was cooped up indoors all day. We will be ok though. 👍🏼

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  5. First, sorry about the unemployment situation. It’s rough but hopefully will help save lives. At least I hope it passes soo.

    Second, thanks for the shout out – John and I are on the same page I think. I do recommend that you try the following book as painting schemes for later war (which is where you are going with your project) were much different than early war.

    For example, grey Pzkw IV’s were gone by 1942. There are great pics there in Restayne’s book that will complement your work. I highly recommend it as a base resource.

    I must say, you did a bang up job on this tank with the drybrushing and overall painting. The pics look awesome. I (as you know of course) use 15mm tanks for my games, but with 28mm it is a challenge scale-wise to get the right fit. I think you’d be happier going forward with 1:48 scale – Buck Surdu does and it does look more appropriate IMO.

    Nice job and keep them coming!

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    1. Thanks Marky Mark. To be honest I’m not going to get too bogged down with what’s early war and/or late war. I know that might upset the historians haha. Don’t get me wrong I won’t be painting any tanks pink with white stripes or anything but I’m also not going to get bogged down with details. I look forward to you pointing out all the historical inaccuracies though haha. Basically I will roughly follow tank/troops colour schemes. Hope that makes sense.

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      1. Nah, I just love the later war German camo schemes a lot! So many cool colors. Hope you don’t think I’m being critical – I’m not – just wanted you to know in case you did not. As I always think – these are your projects and you get to do them however you want!

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      2. Not at all man, I know you’ve got my back. I’ll definitely be doing some cool, late War, camo schemes that’s for damn sure. With the 1/48 are you meaning the old fashioned plastic kits from like Tamiya? Or resin models from somewhere?

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  6. Sorry to hear about the work situ. Hope things can pick up. Its partly because Warlord mini’s are chunky 28mm. Some other firms go for a leaner troop and they look a bit more in scale e.g. Perry. But you won’t notice in the long run I dont think

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  7. Hey mate nice work on the tank it looks really good out there on the battle field! Its funny how one changes direction you from fantasy to WWII and me that once said oh no I’ll never do fantasy stuff and look where I am now just loving it ! so I feel it must be so for some to have a change and its good that you are enjoying the change as much as I .
    Like your good self I remember saying to the Tech adviser ,Oh don’t worry this virus thing will be gone in soon enough and we will have the big 65th (about 65People) so get ready to come over in mid April. Oh how wrong could one be eh!
    Sorry you were ruled out by the Stage 4 ,you are missing out on driving on empty roads!! The strange thing is I’ve been at this job for nine and a half years and have never been busier!
    Any way mate make good use of the time with the family as soon as you know it you’ll be back and facing bloody jungles in back yards as this wet winter and spring coming will be a boon for the vegetation !!!

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  8. Love the little tank! 🙂 It looks great and all the different photo angles really make it seem like it’s on the move.
    Sounds like you’re making the most our of the Lockdown life. 🙂 What horror movies did you watch? I agree, when this all started here in Michigan and my work shut down I was assuming it would be like three or four weeks tops until we opened back up. As of today it’s been 5 months.
    Good luck with things over there. Glad you and your family are keeping safe. 🙂

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