HellGate – Part 19 – The After Dark Doctor

Right from the word go I wanted to populate my world called HellGate with denizens. Weird and creepy folk and creatures that may have a vital role to play or the simplest of tasks to do. 

The After Dark Doctor, Dr FlayMan, plays a most vital role, for those that can afford his services. If you find yourself suffering from brain-rot, dismemberment, severe skin burn or rectal bleeding Dr FlayMan is your… man. 

He isn’t cheap but you can pay him in limbs and internal organs that you may or may not need but his work is second to none. He’s also very quick and efficient to allow to get back to mining for promethium, battling with other warbands or running from the Planetary Force. 

I am yet to paint him but I needed a break from painting Aussie Bolt Action Minis so cobbled the Doctor together this afternoon. It was fun. 


The only thing I’m not sure about is his gun? Bit too big maybe? Or maybe he needs a cleaver or long blade for lopping off infected limbs. Your thoughts?

The new editor thing is still giving me the shits, ESPECIALLY the phone/app version. It’s very twitchy. Anyway, I’m still persevering. 



20 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 19 – The After Dark Doctor”

  1. Looks good, but as John said above not too sure about the gun, I can see him having problems firing it as it looks like a two handed weapon and well he seems a little deficient in that department 🖐.

    I think you could keep the stock and body of the gun but add a chainsaw blade to it for the removal of stubborn customer limbs perhaps? Anyway just an idea, your figure so you’re the boss, feel free to ignore me I’m used to it🙉

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. You know Doc, as soon as I saw you I started to feel much better. No, don’t trouble yourself, I’ll show myself out!

    He’s grim mate, but I like him! I’m with you that the gun seems a bit big for where it’s sitting (same problem with the official bladeguard veterans models so you’re in good company 😉). Does he need to have a gun? I reckon he’d be fine without it. Otherwise he’s looking great, I expect the end result to be suitably gory!

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  3. I do like the chainsaw idea and a bag of guts and limbs sounds cool too. All would further explain his role as a doc. Any chance the candle could be changed for a syringe or in the world of Hellgate are they for wimps? Following my recent post plwase don’t get me started on the new WordPress editor! 😠

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  4. Wheeere exactly did you qualify again, doc? Is that sink for washing hands? No, of course not, silly me. I don’t suppose many bacteria will survive your flamer anyway. *sickly grin*

    Regards, Chris 🙂

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