HellGate – Part 22 – The God Of Taint preview #3.

Hello good people, time for another update on the monster I’ve been working on over the last week. All the cutting, carving, swearing and building is complete! I did the final touches on the base yesterday and have JUST give the beast it’s first undercoat of Black.

I have a question. What’s the name of that effect you can do with painting beginning with Z. It’s where you kind of create shadows. Light and shade. For the life of me I can’t remember what it’s called haha.

Anyway, I plan on doing that. I’ll give him a second undercoat of Black then will spray white from above only.

For today’s post though I made sure to take some pix of the base work before undercoating.

Very junky and with a nice dose of skulls hehe.

That’s all for today. Stay Frosty 😉



17 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 22 – The God Of Taint preview #3.”

  1. I had heard of the technique but wasn’t familiar with the name. Thanks to John I now am. Not sure I would want to get into painting every figure this way but for something special the effort would be more worthwhile. Will be interested to see how you yet on.

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      1. I do think Nurgle stuff looks better not in green. Green is fine, but it makes them look “cleaner”, which is why it works well for the studio colour scheme – a bit less body horror frightening the customers! Non-green schemes can look very grim, I’ve always been partial to a few realistic flesh colours on Nurgle models. I reckon the base model you’ve used would look awesome painted in a realistic colour scheme, I’ve often been tempted to get one and not convert it at all, just paint it in human flesh tones rather than luminous green like the studio one.

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