HellGate – Part 24 – God Of Taint Preview #5

I finally found some time to get some base colours onto The God OF Taint. I don’t usually do Work In Progress posts when it comes to painting but thought some of you might find it interesting.

I just want to make a special mention on Vallejo Paints. Wow! Their range is great. The viscosity of the paint is brilliant and the dropper bottles shit all over GW pots. I had half a pot of Zandri Dust. from GW the last time I painted something (about a month ago) and its now dried solid. I can see me using Vallejo paints more and more. I’m guessing there’s some sort of chart out there in the World Wide Web that has the alternative Vallejo colour for GW colours.

I base coated all the main fleshy parts in a slightly orangey tone and did the upper fleshy sections in a mid brown flesh tone. The horns were all done with zandri dust (I had a little left over in another older pot). I used a light bone for the pulpit, leadbelcher for all the metal section, a dark brown for the spikes near the horns and then a mid grey for the statue. Then I did nuln wash over the metal areas, flesh wash over the orange flesh and Agrax earthshade over the horns and darker flesh areas. Oh I also used camoshade (green wash) over the bone pulpit.

The head was done with the technical paint from GW called Nighthaunt Gloom. With the Zenithal technique done underneath the head now has a really cool natural shaded look to it.

I also started adding some muted colours to the base.

Still have lots to do but I’m liking how it’s going.



26 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 24 – God Of Taint Preview #5”

  1. I was talking to a customer in Metro Hobbies and he said I must try the Vallego paints so I bought some and yeah they great ,the only problem is that I’m a fossil and still have tons of old enamels to use up before I can change over completely ,and I’m with Dave ,life in my painting world has never been better since you put me onto Citadel washes !

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  2. The Vallejo-range is huge and especially their airbrush metal is great. I also enjoy most of their darker tones, although you have to shake them like their is no tomorrow. This goes not so much for their yellows though which have a really bad coverage, but can be worked around, but makes me still go back to “we WILL make you pay”-citadel. As Pat said, their shades are the greatest though. I much prefer the model range of the game color.
    That said, this model is just over the top ridicolusly gorgeos only talking about the sculpt yet. I for once not really like Chaos, apart from that Dark Imperium Death Guard stuff, but this is seriously sick (in a good way) The mix of the monster body and the statue-head is just very harmonious and the ugly war pulpit of the sisters finally has a use that doesn’t make it look plain silly.
    Colors are looking already great, love the contrast of the warm orange to the cold stone blue. Besides that I enjoy wips, keep going!

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    1. Aww thanks man, glad you’re liking what I’m doing with the monster. Vallejo is my new favourite but I’ve only just scratched the surface. I will definitely check out their washes. Thanks for stopping by.


      1. It puts the grim in dark so to speak and brings it back to that nice bleakness, gives me the “Death of all hope”-vibe, that was so brilliantly nailed in said shortfilm.
        They’re great. As I said you oughta try the big airbrush-metal-colors (32oz) (no worries you use them with a brush as well, which I do) they are flowing like nothing I have ever seen, have inbuilt metal-balls for shaking and have like 20 different tones. Those are actually the absolute star of Vallejo for me. While the model/game color metal-tones and even panzer-aces are nice, those things are ridicolous.
        While I’ll take an eternity, I’ll probably check out the other monster, as I’m sure they will be similarily ingenious.

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  3. Oh I remember I wanted to say something to the dried-out zandri-dust: First, you should always watch the pods, if they are closing correctly, and if not remove the dried paid stuck in the lid. Secondly if they are actually somewhat dry, you can still save them using thinner or just water sometimes. Even brush-cleaner sometimes work, but I would rather advice against.

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    1. Thanks. I have cleaned out the lids before but I shouldn’t have to dammit haha. First world problems I know but when I paint I want to paint not clean pots haha. I’ve tried water in the past but it didn’t work that well. Haven’t tried thinners though. Thanks for the suggestions.

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      1. The pods are a somewhat shitty design, given, for texture and shades it’s probably still the best sollution. They should always stand upside, and never even tilt, as that’s how you get dried paint in the lids – or if you shake them (like you have to) for that matter.
        Medium might also work well. Back then when I tried to restore paint I used the medium that was within one of my older Tamiya oil-paints; did the job but reeked ofc. There are a few interesting vids on yt that saves the otherwise decent citadel paints, their new stuff is mostly good quality – if too expensive.

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    1. That’s exactly what I said to my wife about the blue face. She’s a qualified interior designer and said that blue and orange can work if they have the right amount of depth. I zoned out and asked when dinner would be ready? Haha. Thanks Roger!


  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of Vallejo! I haven’t used any Citadel paints or washing in a very long time, I prefer Army Painter washes or make my own – Reaper paints mix down to a wash-like consistently very well!
    And yes, more WIP (this I need to do myself!)

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  5. Great looking blue face! I think Vallejo paints are awesome, but I use Citadel too – I just really hate the names of their paints. Army Painter is good too – I have been using their washes as well.

    More WIP is actually good, you can do them in between running two podcasts, educating children, watching a billion movies, blogging, and shooting anti-maskers with a paintball gun (in your mind anyways)…

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